Friday, October 5, 2012

O is for October

and beautiful foliage that inspired this work yesterday:

A new Fox design!
Can you believe it?  

This one took me almost an entire 12 hours to tat. I started it about four times and used three different coolour choices for thread and beads before I decided this was what I wanted.

The brooch is silver-plated; I think can also be worn as a pendant. Do you think so?

I found it in a funky, little, inner-city store, famous for its vintage wares.

It started out like this; I used Lizbeth #40 and added the linen-coloured 
Czech beads in the corners.  I love the colours in this.

I think I shall list this in my Etsy shop.


  1. This is excellent! I'm completely fascinated by the way you wrap your tatting around the filigree, and in this case the metal piece isn't symmetrical, yet you still made it work out by doing regular chains to get to the next anchor point. You are blazing new ground here, and showing us exciting possibilities in working with filigree shapes!

    1. Your words are so encouraging, Kathy!

      Thank you very much. I was so tired yesterday after hours of un-tatting and playing with the pin that I figured it was all for nought at the end of the day. Then, this morning, especially after reading this comment I felt a lot better.! It is quite the process.
      Fox : )

  2. Lovely! I love Autumn so of course I love the color thread you used!!!! Once again you have created a beauty :)

  3. Me encanta tu broche y me parece muy original. Merce

  4. What a gorgeous little thing that what you are doing with all of these pieces!!!

  5. Hi Fox

    Beautiful, I love your colours and beautiful brooch, well done.
    Have a nice weekend
    Love to Gian
    Hugs Margaret

  6. That is fabulous! Very clever the way you tatted over the filigree. You have such original ideas!

    I would say you should keep it and wear it yourself, but I know you are not a jewelry wearer, so yes, put it in the shop.

  7. You have found your niche! - I love this one. Have you used the split chain technique to attach the thread to the corners?
    Fine coloured wire would be stunning with your jewellery pieces, but I suppose it would be hard to work with!

  8. Oh, my! That is the most gorgeous doodad tatting so far!

  9. Oh my I do love that! You really have a knack for selecting threads, patterns, and jewelry bits that go together well. :)

  10. Magnifique!!! Les couleurs d'automne et la broche vont très bien ensemble...
    Amitiés et caresses à Gian

  11. Gorgeous! Love the thread colour, and yay! on the new design!