Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wrestling The Wristlet

Pattern by Karey Solomon     Lizbeth #40     #61/100

Actually, this was surprisingly simple to tat - it just took some hours to finish.  Lots of beads.  I like the beads.  Especially the red ones with the brown thread.

I always have been very fond of these colours, ever since I tatted this carbone ring pattern in 2010, a design by Jon.

I have an idea as to how to add the lobster claw closure to this...I am working on it now...

I think I have gone to the dark side... : (

Then again, I have to ask myself why not?  
I enjoy the tatting and do not ever wear what I make, 
so why not let it languish in an online shop
 rather than in my dark cupboard?

Is that just rationalizing, 
I wonder!


  1. It does look good in those colors.

    It's much better than keeping it in drawer, isn't it? "That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!"

  2. You should wear some of your tatting - earrings, pins, whatever! show it off!

    This is very pretty.

  3. I like those colors together.
    why dark side? why is selling your art something bad?
    you don't have to work to sell, you can still tat for pleasure, only put those things in the shop that you would tuck away and not use or give to someone.
    Seems a good use for your art. and maybe you will spark someone to learn.

  4. Thanks! Your comments helped me settle with the idea of selling stuff.

    I don't wish to do any navel-gazing on the subject, but I must admit that it is uncomfortable at first to put it out there and also to decide on the price-tag. I suppose like anything else, it will get easier, the more accustomed I become to the process.
    Fox : )

  5. Ooh! I really, really, really like the brown and red together! Put the price tag on... someone will either buy it or won't. If not, unlist it and try again with a different price once we've all forgotten what it looks like. :-)

  6. To put a price on anything is quite a challenge. Perhaps viewing other etsy stores may be helpful?

    Beautiful tatting. The colors are wonderful!

  7. Go for it! I agree that pricing is tricky and it's nice to give away tatting, but give selling a go and see what happens. I do like the brown and red together.

  8. Hi Fox

    It would make a lovely bracelet, Why bit make something for yourself, and you could make one for your shop which would pay for the one you have. Pricing is hard to do, time is differcult to work out.

    I don't think you have gone on the dark side, after all you are not tatting black yet

    Have a good weekend, it's a bank holiday here,
    Love to Gian
    Hugs Margaret