Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pretties Go Postal

Well - another way of putting it would be that this is what I shall take with me next visit to the post office to give to the kind soul who returned my bookmark.

Sue Hanson's Snowflake pattern      #60/100

While waiting for the next inspiration to land:

This is a pattern designed by Angeline Crichlow
Umintsuru used it to tat the border of the hanky 
that she presented to me here.
Sweet, isn't it?


  1. Both are very pretty. Love the colors:-)
    I think the post office lady will like that. It's a nice thank-you.

  2. Hi Fox

    Lovely bookmark, and lovely edging
    What are you going to do with the edging?

    1. Margaret,
      There is only a very little of this thread left and so I am just doing little samples as it will be gone in about one more foot! It is a lovely colour and would tat a fantastic edging. I shall have to wait for Jess to get out her dye pots again!
      Fox : )

  3. Very pretty bookmark! The postal lady will be very pleased!

    Nice colour HDT. What's the name?

    1. Hi Val,
      This is Jess's Calliope Light - made after a batch of regular Calliope, which is much more saturated and available in Jess's shop. She dyed this at the end of a regular batch resulting in this lovely muted coloured HDT which I ADORE! It is all used up now, and at the moment, there is no more! Alas, only Jess and I had a skein of this. : (

  4. This is a beautiful idea with bookmark for lady from post office :)

  5. Very pretty Fox.
    I like the block tatting on the petals.