Monday, August 27, 2012

Message To My Mates

From Gian,
Proud Owner of Fox, the Human
Proud Owner of Tatting Fool, the Human
and to 
Proud Owner of Umintsuru, The Human
and to 
Cisco and Vader
Proud Co-Owners of Crazy Mom, the Human
and to 
Aunt Tatting Margaret.  
For a Human, she is okay.

Get' em where it hurts, - be fast and sneaky.
Look at me  - a photobomb!
What does she expect -
  playing with dumb  thread and not ME!

Gotta go - POS!

So, you see 
 what I have to deal with!  
Living  and tatting with Monsieur Gian 
is a challenge - and a joy.

After removing the border from harm's way,
I can show you my progress:

I was inspired by umintsuru's new project here, and could not keep from copying her. This is Mary Konior's Hoop-la Edging. This is going to one long, slow tat, I fear, as the thread is smaller than I recall!

When you get away from tatting with #80, you quickly forget how teeny it is and I have been using #40 for everything.


  1. Dear Gian:

    You go boy. Get that thread. Chew it, kick at it, swallow some of it so you can have some decorative barfs for Her. She needs to understand who's the REAL boss.

    You're looking good.

    your buds,
    Cisco the attention hog
    Vader the Bad Thing
    (not necessarily in that order)

  2. Gian is no better then a kid. sheesh. he he
    your edging looks really good. and will match very well with the hanky

  3. Excellent work, Gian! You actually got her to show your photobomb! Mine never does; she persists in thinking that people want to look at that silly knotted thread instead of me. Ridiculous! I'm glad to see that at least your person has figured out who's in charge, and I will keep working on mine.


  4. Hi Gian

    Oh I am so glad I am ok, Go get the thread and try getting it knotted.

    Hi Fox
    What a pretty edging I am sure you will get it finished one day if and when Gian stops taking a fancy to it.

    Love to Gian,
    Hugs to Fox
    Take care both of you.

    1. : )) Thanks, Margaret - from us both!
      xxoo Fox

  5. Dear Gian,

    Have you tried pawing the hanging shuttle when she is busy tatting with the other shuttle. It is fun and when she screams at you, it is even more fun!!

    Love, Tsuru

  6. Great ideas from my buds. Thanks for looking out for MY best interests - more than SHE does when she has those shuttle-things flying all over the place. I am going to try all them right away! As a matter of fact, I see some thread I can play with right now....