Monday, August 6, 2012

It's Ready To Go!

Yup.  I am putting Heart For Misha in an Etsy shop and seeing if I can inspire myself to design some tatting patterns. Scary stuff! I could just paste it on my blog, as I have the other two designs, but it is so confronting to ask tatters to actually pay for the design that I think the fear (read hammering in chest!) is beneficial for prompting creativity.  Just my personal take on it.  : )
So, it is listed here


The tatting has improved:

#52/100    Julie Patterson's 'Around The Rings'
Jess's HTD

Big, big improvement in the stabbing method (?) of tatting with a shuttle.  I have turned the shuttle around so that the hook faces the right when I am tatting. This prevents the constant snagging I was experiencing before when I sped up the action.  All seems to be going smoothly with that adjustment and I can actually really zip along!

Hmmm.... Too late I noticed..... Too bad I joined the very end to the wrong place.  Way to go, Fox.

Frivole's and Ladytats's videos of tatting techniques were very valuable to me in figuring out how to carry out this method.

Oh, I almost forgot!  Take a look at this! 

Tatting Fool sent me this photo of her rendition of 'Maeve' (free pattern by moi).  Isn't it terrific?  Thanks TF!


  1. Really cool rainbow turtle bookmark!!! :)
    And I love that blue heart!! :)

  2. what wrong join? I don't see anything.
    good for you Fox, stepping out in the world. An Etsy shop! way to go.

    I have been camping since thursday night, so now trying to catch up. took the day off work too

  3. Congratulations on putting it out there! I checked out your etsy shop and it's marked sold already.

    The bookmark looks good even with the join wrong. :-)

    Tatting Fool did a great job on 'Maeve'. I love it in those colors!

  4. I know the feeling. But I see you have 4 sales already Congrats!! Love your Etsy shop banner.

  5. Thanks everyone for these comments and the good will that came along with them. It is really quite confronting putting one's work 'out there!' I still cannot believe I had the guts to push the button and let it fly!
    Fox : ))

  6. Hi Fox

    Great tatting, the bookmark looks beautiful, and your heart well I shall be visiting your shop to buy the pattern later. Can't wait to tat it and I have a thingy to go in the middle.

    Beautiful motif that tatting fool did, great colours.

    Love to Gian


  7. Your 'Maeve' looks fab! Wishing you every success with your etsy shop!
    Wonderful tatting.