Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inside Out And Athalia

...sort of how I feel!  
That is the name of Julie Patterson's bookmark pattern:

I really love the shape of this.  And the thread I used pleases me as well It is tatted in #40 yellow Lizbeth and LadyShuttlemaker's 'Magnolia,' which is a fabulous colourway. Way to go, Sherry!

It is also a very relaxing tat - which is very good for me right now.

I have been giving away tatting left and right, all over the place, wherever I have meetings about mum's estate. Women ( I have been dealing only with women, no sexism intended - these are the people who happen to be my contacts in the various institutions!) love the little motifs and seem interested in investigating tat-ology, which I am not at all shy about talking about.  I push the blog on anyone who will listen!  Tatting rocks!!!!

I am going to write up my pattern for 'Athalia' - my mum's name.  Last year after I designed the Misha Heart I did this one as well, and also another called 'Evelyn,'  (My Gram's name) which I shall write up next.

I shall post 'Athalia' under Free Patterns at the top of the blog as soon as it is written up. Mum would like that indeed.


  1. Oooh, I can't wait to see more Fox patterns! I love the ones I've tatted so far!

    How is your mom's name pronounced? Is the second "a" an "ah" sound or and "ay" sound?

    1. It is pronounced Ah-thaaayl-eeeeah. The emphasis is on the second syllable. Unusual name for someone born in 1925!

  2. Very pretty bookmark! I am totally addicted to HDT, and I believe I even have that color in my stash just waiting to be tatted up. I'll be looking for your new patterns!

  3. Can't wait to see those new patterns! The bookmark looks fantastic!

  4. That is an unusual shape, but it looks so good!

  5. Hi Fox

    I love that colour thread, and great pattern.
    At least tatting is giving you something to think about with all these official women,
    Looking forward to your new patterns

  6. Very pretty, Fox. I can see it done longer and making a striking choker.

  7. Thanks Everyone!

    Seems you like this design as much as I do. i would love to see it in different colour combos.

    Fox : )

  8. That is an unusual pattern but looks good. I'm glad it helped you relax.
    It's so cool that you are sharing your tatting, even if it is a sad time. Tatting rules the world:)