Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Minuet Miscalculations

#44         Frivole's 'Minuet' tatted in Lizbeth #40 

The current state of my life is not contributing to terrific tatting, I'm afraid.  Notice, if you will, the unintentional tatting of seven arms of the motif.  Ahem, sorry, Frivole! There are supposed to be six - I am tatting this again and in two solid colours this time.

Last go-around I used what was left on the shuttles as I was in a hurry.  Bad mistake.  This pattern really needs only two solids.

Do you undertand what I mean when I say I was putting the shuttle in the wrong place in the second part of the DS? I don't mean wrong, but in an uncomfortable position.  

I have been looking at how other people tat as I was trying to figure out why my tatting action is so jerky, lacking a fluidity that I can not seem to attain.  So, I am trying it this way:

Anybody know what I mean here?
The new way seems to be smoother, but we shall see...


Thanks, Jess for the lovely package that arrived yesterday on the post.

That little pink and yellow motif is now taped to the foot of my Mum's hospital bed...  So sweet of Jess to send that along.

I have some time right now to tat!  SO, I shall begin the next 'Minuet.' Hopefully I can get it right this time; plus, I like the colours I have chosen.


  1. And here I was thinking you were just tweaking the design to suit your own purpose... you never should have told on yourself! ; )

    I'll have to try the pattern to see what you mean... maybe I'll have an epiphany!

    1. Hahah, Thanks for the vote of confidence!
      Fox : ))

    2. I didn't even notice there were seven spokes at first! I'm amazed it didn't buckle, though.

      Wish you could take a photo of your hand position. With the slip and slide method, the shuttle goes over and under the foundation thread (1st and 2nd DS) in the exact same place. It appears you're going over and under in different spots?

    3. I have always gone over the same spot until today when I decided to try this other route, which worked very well! You men one is SUPPOSED to go over the same place? I find that so awkward on the 2nd DS. I have to twist my wrist (left) and swivel my right hand to get the shuttle through!

    4. hmm, lets see how to describe the slip and slide.

      I hold the shuttle so the thread is coming out of the bottom left when the shuttle is held so the hook points up.

      The ring around the hand is the same so with the pinch held by the pointer finger and thumb. The stitches are formed between the pointer finger and the middle finger.....

      1st half.. lift the hanging thread from the shuttle with the ring and baby finger of the right hand as you slide the shuttle under both threads, then over the ring thread and under the shuttle thread. Pull the stitch tight into position.

      2nd half.. let the hanging thread hang down, and slide the shuttle over the ring thread, then under the ring thread and over the shuttle thread. Pull the stitch tight into position.

      Here is a video by Frivole showing basically the same directions as I listed above, the only difference is she lifts the thread using the middle finger with a twist. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6UX6I-osS8

      as for the Minuet, I had to count the arms to realize that there was a extra. Just think of the practice you got with the extra arm with the lock chains and the onion joins.

    5. Thanks Ladytats! I have been watching that video for months!!! But, something about how you say the point should be up has resonated and I have been trying a nw twist of my fingers and I do believe I have again modified my actions using the method you do and I THINK I may have it.... maybe! Thank you for the time and your comment. Both have helped me enormously.

  2. Do youmean on all DS or just on minuet? Don't you do the first half and the second in the same place?

  3. I think your Minuet is very pretty!!! :)

  4. I did not know what you meant so I picked up the shuttle and tried. I think I tat like you without the correction. I tried it with the correction. It works but yes the position is a little odd. Then I read the comments and got confused again.

    Minuet in two colours are pretty too. Lets see the one in one solid colour.

  5. Coming back again to mention that because I crochet and knit holding the left forefinger up (called the 'crochet hold'), it's such a natural position for me that I have no problem manipulating the shuttle for the 1st and 2nd ds over and under the foundation thread in the exact same spot. I never have to make any compensating moves with my left wrist. I had a very difficult time learning to tat holding the thread in the 'classic' position. I was relieved to discover that the 'crochet hold' made no difference in forming the stitch. Our group all manipulate the shuttle using the 'slip and slide' motion, so it was awhile before I discovered (on internet videos) that there were many ways to manipulate the shuttle (Reverse Riego, for example), but most tatters seem to use the 'classic' pinch. As they say - whatever works for you!

    1. Kathy,
      I crochet as well and kit, too, but I want to have whatever hold makes a smooth motion in the second stitch. I have gone back to ALMOST my original clutch - putting the thread over and under in the same spot, but holding my fingers somewhat differently - I think! More practice and I shall try to describe what I am doing!

      Thanks for your input,
      Fox : )