Thursday, July 5, 2012

Keeping It Simple

#39          HDT from Krystle #80 Wisteria Lane

I forget where this  pattern is from - I believe from the German ‘Peacock’ book. Still using up the old thread and trying to figure out what to do next.  I think I might tackle the pansy one more time, in different colours using the pattern that is available over at InTatters.  It is an excellent re-write and easy to follow. I should take advantage of that.  

You will find it by going to InTatters and typing in “pansy pattern."

At the moment I am tatting a tiny Myra Piper pattern in the last of this thread. It will be another long, hot day and I shall probably get it finished at the hospital.  Today I hope to hear the results of all the testing.  

Whew... it has been a long haul.  I do so appreciate all the warm comments and the kind thoughts you send our way.  They have helped me immensely and my Mum has been surprised and touched by all the thoughts and prayers for her from tatters all over the map.  Where would we all be without dear Tat-land?

I thank you.  Fox


  1. Your tatting is beautiful as always Fox! I LOVE the colors you chose, they are so pretty together.
    I pray you get the test results today and they are encouraging to you.

  2. Beautiful motif and colors! Hope all goes well for your mother.

  3. Lovely piece of tatting and nice way to use up some bits of thread.

    Hope you get good results today and your mother is improving
    Take care
    Love to Gian

  4. What a lovely simple motif! Keeping you and your mother in my thoughts. :-)

  5. Still in my prayers...pretty little motif! I like that peacock book...much more to it than just a fabulous bird, wish I read German better though, 3 years back in highschool a million years ago is inadequate.

  6. hmmm, maybe i'm blind, but i can't find the pattern on intatters - can you give the link / title of the thread? :)

    1. Olga, the pattern is from the ‘Occhi” book with the peacock pattern inside and the same peacock on the red, front cover.