Thursday, June 28, 2012

Think Pink

... and tat another border!
This is ‘Marguerite’ by Mary Konior. 

A big thank you to Denise,
who sent me this lovely pink handkerchief!

#35       HDT: Sherry’s ‘Picadilly’ HDT #50!

It is a simple border, but one I like very much.  By the way, my daughter-in-law claimed the last one I tatted - the blue one, here.  I was delighted she liked it enough to lay claim!  : ))


Thank you for all the wonderful comments and supportive wishes for my mom’s recovery.  She is still in the hospital and pretty sick, but will hopefully soon be home and well enough to carry on her very independent lifestyle.


  1. The hankie turned out so pretty! Picadilly is the perfect HDT for it! I'm glad your mother is doing better. Please extend my best wishes to her.

  2. continued wishes for a speedy recovery for your mother.
    Your Hanky is very pretty, that colorway from Sherry is perfect.
    your tatting as always is very good.

  3. Lovely looks so pretty on that hankie, just perfect!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful, I so dearly love the color of the thread :)

    I am wishing a speedy recovery to your mother :)


  5. That's a really pretty edging for that handkerchief - love those soft colors. Hope your mom is well enough to go home soon.

    Take care,

  6. Good morning Fox,

    oh that is doing with your mother, I have not read it very leid.But I wish her a speedy recovery and that she is back home soon.
    The pink handkerchief is beautiful.

    Greetings Ela

  7. I like Margeurite too and have always comtemplated it when looking for an edging pattern, not yet but soon. Pretty pink hanky. You mom sounds like an interesting lady.

  8. Hi Fox,

    Gorgeous hanky edging,

    I am so glad your mum is getting better, I hope she makes a full recovery please send her my best wishes

    Love to Gian


  9. Perfect! Excellent job, Fox!

    We're keeping your mother in our thoughts and hoping she will soon be able to resume her normal life.

  10. This turned out very lovely. Glad to hear your mom is getting better.

  11. It is so beautiful! Colors and pattern as well.