Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Re-contextualizing Cross Patterns

#80 HDT by Krystle

I am not one for crosses. However, there are so many lovely patterns out there that I had to figure out what to do in order to not miss out on some excellent designs.
#40 HDT by Tat-ilicious

Because I admire Julie Patterson’s work, I ordered her books, two of which contain only crosses, so I needed an immediate simple solution: I am going to tat a lot of X’s!

Designs by Julie Patterson


☚ Arghhh! This book!

I am at it again - un-intuitive tatting.  patterns that just do not flow and require a lot of concentration.  They are always challenging and just sometimes are satisfying.  Other times, they feed the rubbish heap, sad with the ruined flotsam of tattered dreams. Enough drama?

I tackled one of the patterns from this publication, because I love the ones that umintsuru has tatted, here.

Pattern by Liz Christiansen

To my surprise, it came out okay the first time.


  1. Beautiful colours - tic tac toe anyone? Suneeti

  2. Wow! I really love how "Chilled" looks with that purple!
    And your square looks perfect! :o)

  3. Great X's!! :)
    And I love the last motif!! :)

  4. Tic tac toe? Good idea, Suneeti! Just make a few round medallions to go with them. The grandchildren might enjoy that. They do look go.
    Congratulations on a successful #26 medallion. (congrats on keeping track of which one you're on - I have trouble keeping track of 25:-) )

  5. I don't do crosses either, but as you say there are some beautiful designs available. So, I am thinking along the lines of straight bookmarks instead.

  6. Hi Fox

    Lovely pieces of tutting, I don't like crosses much, but yours look great, nice colours too,

    Trouble with having so many books what do you tat at times, well done with trying something different that you have not managed before

    Love to Gian


  7. Maybe you can join the squared off crosses to make your own patchwork designs. All the same or mix them up.

  8. You know what I see?

    /\ [] + <> X

    Shall we tat one from Julie's Just Marking Tome? You choose one for me to tat and I will choose one for you. Are you game??

    1. Ah, a challenge! I will look at the book tomorrow and pick a pattern for you. : ))

  9. Ha, ha! I got a chuckle from reading how you're "not one for crosses," as I am of the same mind. (Not to impune the work of tatters who delight in tat crosses.) But I have been mulling over what to do with those lovely patterns of Julie Pattersons - and thanks to you and Jon and Martha I have some great ideas! Milles fois merci!

    That booklet of square patterns is a brain-bender for me too. But you are tackling them with apparent ease! Enjoy your Just Marking Tome challenge with Val -- sounds like great fun!

  10. I love the X tatted with Tat-ilicious' HDT. Beautiful! Cross my heart. :-D