Thursday, March 8, 2012

Surprise Package

Wow!  I heard the postman knock at the door, and could not imagine what he was delivering, as I am not waiting for a thing from the postal service.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the mystery package and saw all this. Gian was right there, ready and willing to investigate.  ( also a rescue cat, D. )

As 'D' does not have a blog, but informed me that she reads tat-olog, (thanks!) I thought I would post this for her benefit. Thank you so much. This was completely unnecessary - but I love it all! Thank you so much for such generosity.

I am especially curious to try the Easter Egg Lizbeth in #80.  I have not seen this before - neither the colour nor the new size.  Fun for Fox!

My whittled-to-almost-nothing stash has amazingly and quite suddenly burgeoned to this!

I have very little #20 thread, used all my 'older' HDT up, and have gained mostly #40 thread - my new favourite size.  I feel very lucky indeed.


  1. Ooooh and Ahhhh! How fun! Don't you love that kind of mail rather than the bills and junk mail that usually seems to dominate?

  2. It is always such fun to get a package like that in the mail. I always love the finer threads and my current project is being worked in Lizbeth # 80 threads. Have fun.

  3. oh, my! What a wonderful package! I am drooling over your thread stash!!

  4. Lucky you! Surprise packages are the best!

    P.S - Yes, I knew! ; )

  5. Am I sensing perhaps some tatted Easter eggs, done in Lizbeth Easter Egg size 80 thread? Hmmmmm.....

    1. Ah, Jane, I sense psychic abilities!
      Fox : )

  6. OOH, this must be the BEST surprise in the world! Enjoy your new stash. Looking out to see what you will do with them. :)

  7. Congratulations I hope you enjoy your lovely surprise, I can see more tatting coming up now you have more thread.


  8. People are so generous, and you are going to have great fun with those threads.
    so much work in that hanky edging too.

  9. Awesome! 40's becoming my fav size too :)