Monday, March 5, 2012

Success and Failure

I cannot tat the Karey Solomon heart.  Nope.  Thanks for all your comments and suggestions, but it is the end of that road for me.  I admit defeat.

However, to redeem myself to myself, I pulled out a pattern I have wanted to do a better job with: Quatrain, by Frivole.

I really like the shape and tatted it a couple of times with not much finesse.

Here it is again:

#80 Motif Challenge    
Then I re-tatted the Iris Niebach pattern from last week:

#78 Motif Challenge           Design: "Erica," by Iris Niebach from Tatting Fantasia

I also re-tatted the d!#* heart...

#79 Motif Challenge                   
Not right yet...

But, I think I will give that a rest too, as Frivole has posted another intriguing pattern on her blog today. I just might have to follow suit.


  1. Wow!! very nice Fox. very fast and very precise.
    congratulations on all you accomplished.

  2. Hi fox,

    Now you are being hard on yourself, your heart is gorgeous and the motif is lovely, and the first motif is totally lovely.

    Well done

  3. Your quatrain looks excellent Fox! And I (again) love your Niebach motif - that thread is just scrumptious!

  4. Hallo Fox, you have bben sooo busy and successful! And the little heart is soo cute!I love all you tatted! have a nice day, I'll go to bed soon ;-))

  5. Everything looks so pretty!!! Great job! :)

  6. Your Quatrain looks beautiful, as does your Iris Niebach motif. I wonder how many hearts you've made so far? They're all pretty!

  7. Very nice tatting! i do love the thread in #2 pic. I think the quatrain looks great in a solid.

  8. Fox at it again... My dear, the tatting is great! Love the motifs.

  9. Your motifs are really lovely you have done a great job!