Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Roger, Copy That.

Or, more accurately, I copied Frivole's motif, designed by Roger aka Freedman, which is free online.  I wanted to see how it would look with the centres in another colour.

#85-100 Motif Challenge

Then, another of Karey Solomon's designs...
from 'Tatting Times Two.'
I really love this shape.

I played around with some ideas:

... and ended up attaching the motif to 
something S. sent me last year.  
I use it all the time on my desk as a paperweight, 
though I think its intended purpose is as a bookmark.


  1. Lovely job on both items. Love the idea with the bookmark.

  2. Really pretty sweetie, I really love the light blue with a yellow center, looks like a flower to me :) I really like the second one, it reminds me of a hair barrett, one of the type where you put it on your hair, and push a long stick through the two end loops, behind the hair to hold it, how absolutely beautiful.

  3. The yellow centers look good. Karey's design is intriguing. Karen in OR

  4. Are the 3 motifs a start to another lovely doily? Quite a teaser there...

    Nice way to use the Karey Solomon motif! I'm drooling now.

  5. I really like the motif in blue and cream - very effective and your tatting is excellent on those motifs! ;-)
    I also love the shape of the Karey Solomon design... oh no! Not another book I have to buy?
    (The K.S. motif reminds me of coat frogs).

  6. Nice idea, blue and yellow! How about the center the other way round, dark and bright..? Like the bookmark pattern too, very tricky flower in flower.

  7. Roger's motif looks lovely in two colors! Looking at Karey's motif, I'm stymied as to how it goes together. I guess I'm going to have to get the pattern out! ; )

  8. Your medallions look great!!! :)
    And the other motif looks great too and looks almost like a bracelet! :)

  9. You do lovely work Fox!I think it looks very nice with the centers in another color. It's certainly something I'm going to have to try sometime!

  10. Oh very nice in two colours! Karey"s design is very appealing.

  11. Hi Fox

    Gorgeous motif I like the two colours together,

    Gorgeous Karey's design and looks nice on jyour paperweight