Friday, March 2, 2012

Irresistible Iris

...Iris Niebach 
that is.  
This one is for you, Suneeti!

Design: "Erica," by Iris Niebach from Tatting Fantasia                     #77

This was challenging, but really not too difficult - for once!  I am going to tackle it again, however.

One thing about thread...  This was a gift from my friend S that I had saved it for a while, and I do not know how long she had it.  I know it is Tatskoo's hand-dyed thread, which I have tatted with many, many times.  

This particular thread was very brittle and split a lot, which is NOT a usual characteristic of Tatskool's threads, so I am wondering if it is quite old.

I have noticed this before when using other HDT that I had tucked away and not used for maybe two years.  

So, my conclusion is that one should use threads as one acquires them or there might be a risk of using a thread past its prime, resulting in inferior tatting.  Just a thought.


  1. Ooh! That's so pretty Fox, I like it a lot! It's like a variation of the free one that I just tatted isn't it? Wish I had the book now, I fancy having a go at that one! And the thread colour is gorgeous too.

  2. Need to check some HDT in my stash. Just used Sue Hanson silk HDT by LladyShuttlemaker from 2-4 years ago and it's fine, but it's silk. Like your Erica very well. Karen in OR

  3. Very pretty! I haven't had that experience with HDT. Since most of mine is more than two years old, I guess I'd better start using it up!

  4. Very pretty Fox! I love the colorway. I can't wait till my tatting looks as lovely as yours!

  5. I'm planning on purchasing one of Iris's books at Hector. Its took back about the thread being brittle but the color is beautiful!

  6. Lovely color and a pretty design. I like that a great deal! I am going to have to acquire one of those books I think...too many pretty prettiea I see and want to try!

  7. It's very pretty! I shudder to think that thread (especially) HDT expires after only two years. If it is any consolation I have tatted with 5 year old HDT and it is still wonderful!

    1. I have been shuddering a lot over this one! It is reassuring to hear you have thread that is five years old that is fine. I don't have any that old as I had never even heard of tatting back then!
      (Yours NEVER lasts long at all as I HAVE to use it almost as soon as it arrives in the post!)
      Fox : ))

  8. That is so pretty!! :)
    The color looks like Tatskool's Coral Reef which I love!!

  9. The double hearts are beautiful. Tatskool gave me the thread in 2009 but I'm not sure if that's the issue. I can't even blame the Singapore humidity because the room where my threads are stored is kept cool all the time. Oh no! I'm never going to be able to use all my threads up in time. I'll have to send you more ....


    (ps. thank you for Erica!)

  10. Lovely motif in a great colourway. Great job, Fox!

  11. Very pretty Fox. you tat so quickly. and it might be the type of dye used, or something. I have old threads that are still in good shape. I should use up more of my threads. just need to retire so I have more time.

  12. This is so beautiful and the hand-dyed thread is gorgeous. I wonder if the dye makes the thread brittle after age. Your tatting is exquisite.

  13. I love the motif. I have no problem with my stash of hdt. Don't know how old some is.
    I think you need to go to Yarnplayer's web site for her tutorial on Catherine Wheel. She has a video on it and it does help.

  14. Thanks, Everyone! I have watched ALL the videos and read all the instructions. I just keep practicing... Till I get it right!
    Fox : 0