Monday, March 19, 2012

Heart Nouveau - A New Fave

I absolutely LOVE this pattern.  
This is the second attempt, the successful one:

Design by Karey Solomon                Lizbeth #40,  Delica beads         #92

I wanted to tat this, which I think is the prettiest heart I have ever seem, and I had some new Lizbeth thread in a gorgeous purple. 

With no thought to embellishing the motif when I began, I kept thinking of my box of colourful beads and just knew the perfect shade of purple was in there... waiting....  There was!  

The first attempt:

Wonky pattern.  I was so disappointed, but liked the motif so much, I continued anyway, as if it were without errors and completed the pattern.  I could not - for the first time ever- destroy this defective piece of tatting.  I still have it. Ends sewn in and everything.

Did I say I love this pattern? Almost as much as the other heart I tatted of Karey's here.  I had so much trouble with that one, but in the end  had lots of help from kind-hearted tatters.

Yesterday, in the mail, I got even more help, a lovely panda card and a tatted heart to boot from Martha!  What a lovely surprise!

Thank you so much Martha.  I will use your tips the next time I tat this and I will be tatting it again for sure.  I like it almost as much as Heart Nouveau above.

Interestingly enough, I received a shuttle I had ordered from LaCossette in the same delivery and look how that foxglove (I HAD to have it!) shuttle matches Martha's thread. Makes me happy! So does Martha's tatting, which is beautiful 'in the flesh.'  I have another hero!

With ends of threads, I have been practicing the SSSR, as I have not used it in a pattern in ages. It is such fun to match the thread and the shuttles.  Simple pleasures!

Now, A Big Rant.

What is the deal with Blogger and the verification code?  I cannot stand it!  It takes me so long to duplicate that damned thing and type it in the little box.  

This chore challenges my dyslexia big time, for I cannot type without looking at the letters or it all comes out backwards! So, I have to watch every letter and it takes a long time .

So, I will not be leaving any comments until they stop this new thing that makes me crazy! I am going to complain to them right after I post this.

I do not have verification turned on in tat-ology and I have not had a problem with spam.  Well, there is one related problem:  Crazy Mom's comments get sent to spam every time!  Other than that - no probs.


  1. I stopped using verification when Gina pointed out the improvements in Blogger's spam controls. I just review the comments before they post. I don't have dyslexia and I still sometimes have trouble identifying those letters!

  2. I agree, the verification has gotten ridiculous!! I took the requirement off of my blog, if you want to comment there. I love the hearts and that purple is really pretty!!

  3. That does it. I am going to order this book. I just love the hearts. All very pretty.

    And I am going to turn my word verification off too. How can I live without your comments.

    Gorgeous shuttle too!

  4. Here, here! I agree entirely about the verification whatsits. I give it two gos and then if I still haven't got it right, forget it. I don't have dyslexia, which would really make it impossible, but even so I find it difficult to decide whether it's an nr or an m!

  5. I agree verification is beyond words, I am fe d up with it, I turned mine off years ago, but now it's two words.......... Words just a load of rubbish, when I use my iPad it changes what I type into words, so I have to delete it and start again, I am getting more than fed up with it,

    Back to your gorgeous heart, beautiful, love the colour and beads, And I agree it's a lovely pattern.

    Have a nice day

  6. The decorated shuttles are beautiful. Maybe if I decorated mine, I'd do a better job of keeping up with them and not loose them.

  7. Lovely heart!

    And yes, matching shuttles and thread is a nice sensual pleasure ;-)

    Regarding comments and the word verification, I too have been having issues. And just stopped commenting for a while. (I wonder if this comment will actually go though or not, yk?) so, I am glad people are turning it off... I'll give it another chance ;-)

  8. Also, have you ever tried the option where you listen to the words and then type them? If I had speakers on my computer I would try it. But, then I'm not a great speller, but you might be. :o/

  9. Oh goodness, that should've been hear hear, not here here, what was I thinking!

    1. Well, Jane, considering the topic at hand, I find this a most appropriate error!
      Fox : ))

  10. I was also going to suggest turning on the speakers - it does allow you to do that. It will say the letters aloud.

    I find the spam thing SO frustrating!