Thursday, March 1, 2012

Guardian of Things Tatted

Hmm.  A new place to sit.  Oh, I see. 
 Looking after it so no harm comes to the stitching...
Thanks, Gian.


No improvement. I cannot seem to get rid of those bumps on the side.  I wish I could feel Frivole's tatting ( especially on her new Niebach motif, which is fabulous) to see what her tension is like. I think I may be tatting too tightly and not comfortably, as I am always admonishing myself to pull harder.  

Is tatting supposed to be tight?  What is a "correct" tension anyway?

Is it like knitting, where I always used to advise knitters to be consistent, but to knit with a tension that felt 'natural." I am so frustrated with the tension thing.  Grrrrr.

For comparison, here are the last two heart together:

I tried something new with the brown one - I forget where I saw the post about the alternative method of tatting a Josephine Ring, but I went to Jane's Technique page and followed her directions.

I like the resulting ring.  You tat on the back of the thread, rather than the front to twist the it.
Thanks, Jane!

After the fact:  Jane says this did NOT come from Brain Cell #3, and she got the idea elsewhere.  No mater - I found the explanation in all its clarity on her site.  : ))

Another unsuccessful beginning...
I have to start again, especially after a visit to Frivole's blog...
(Gnashing of teeth heard in the background...)


  1. I think your CWJ on the yellow one are really good. What did you do differently on the brown?

    And that Eborall Josephine is just lovely!

  2. That isn't my idea for the Josephine thingy. I picked it up somewhere else. It's definitely not from brain cell 3 - promise!

  3. Il est vraiment adorable ce gardien de frivolité....Plein de caresses de la part de son amie de France...Je retourne à ma frivolité car je n'arrive pas non plus à faire mon modèle...

    Amitiés dentellières

  4. I think the tension should vary a bit depending on what you are tatting. A snowflake or other ornament probably should be tatted rather tight so you don't have to stiffen it. A doily, on the other hand, wouldn't need to be tatted as tightly. As long as your stitches are tight enough so your chains arch nicely and your rings are shaped properly, you are probably good. What you said about knitting is quite true for tatting as well. Don't hurt yourself.

  5. Since I've been reading your trials with the CWJ I've been having a harder time with the damn things. Maybe you're overthinking them?

  6. No! No gnashing of teeth!

    The top right of the tan one look good.

    And Gian - oh, he is a handsome beast!

  7. Hey Gian!

    Mighty nice perch you've got there. I see that She is feeding you decently. Those thready things are good for biting and ripping with your claws - keeps 'em sharp! And if there's too much of those around, you can just barf on some. Eat some grass, barf on thread. Works for me.

    Your buddy in badness,

  8. Although I would like to comment on your tatting, I really just want to gaze at another gorgeous photo of Gian..
    I'm also trying to learn how to type on the virtual keyboard on my new tablet. Fifty years of touch typing and I'm now back to hunt and peck. I'll only type on it when I really need to. So thanks for letting me test this!

  9. His Majesty basks in your gaze... : ))

  10. Gian is soo cute. I have a gal friend with MS. She doesn't go out much as it's such a bother. I sent her a picture of Gian (I hope that's ok)She loves animals, and she has none. Those blue eyes say it all, don't they. "I'm too sexy for my fur."

    1. Gian says he is willing autograph any pics sent to friends - for a small fee ( payable in mice feet) Hrmph....

  11. Okay, a few things here.
    1. I love the heart...
    2. I don't like cats as a rule, but Gian is a beautiful cat... And his personality must be wonderful.... It so confuses me - I've always been a dog person!
    3. You're a knitter. That makes me jealous.

    1. You would like Gian. He is very "dog-like" for a cat, which confuses me!

      I do not knit anymore - ever! I even gave away all my supplies last year. The thought of it now makes me itch!
      Fox ; )

  12. "payable in mice feet"? he he, but I'll bet he would settle for a catnip mouse instead.
    your tatting is very nice Fox. the CWJ ~ I think you may be pulling them tighter then the surrounding stitches. which would make them "dip in" in comparison to the stitches beside it. other then that,
    very pretty hearts, and the J.E. JOsephine knot is fiddly only because you haven't done it before and it takes thinking instead of muscle memory to do. I don't think it would be the right one to use for every Josephine Knot, but for those at the bottom of a heart or other motif it would be since it makes a knot that is a bit larger.

  13. Glan! You mean you aren’t going to take ‘just one’ of those to your favorite hiding place? I can show you some splendid hiding spots for clepto cats.... Love, Pippa

    Mom e-mailed you, did you get it? P

  14. Hi fox
    I love Gian new place to sit, your tatting must be making great cushions for him.