Friday, March 16, 2012

A Bit Edgy and an Angeline Update

Pattern by Karey Solomon          Thread#40  Lizbeth Pattern          #90

This came out so much better than the last one!

The pattern is strange at the end, so I tatted the last few chains visually and the result was, for once, pretty good. LOVE this pattern. : ))

Now the edge issue.

This is the motif after I ripped out the crocheted edge, because I realized it did not look lovely and scalloped like the one on the book jacket.

See? The one in the lower righr-hand corner... 

So, I tried something... can anyone figure out what I did? 

My method did not fix the problem. In fact, I ruined the edging, as I also missed crocheting one picot and in a full blown fury I simply cut it off.  Occam's Razor - bah humbug. 

There is no scalloped edge.  It looks bad.  I have to tat the thing again.

This is the first one.  
I should have left well enough alone!

Angeline Update

The book has visited 15 people, (the first being our Gina!) has crossed the pond, been down under and to lands of the East, and is now in Western USA with Karen! 

She says Angeline is faring well and looks to be in great condition.  Thank you, Everyone, for keeping her safe and unharmed.  

Now she will be entering the third year of travel, as the journey began on International Tatting Day, 2009 - April 1.

There are still 22 more stops along the way, so I will not be seeing the book for a while yet! 

Please, at this time, do not ask to be put on the list.  Thanks!

If you click on the Angeline picture, in the sidebar, you will be taken to the list, here, which I keep updated.

One last thing.  It would be great if everyone kept the book for no longer than three weeks, give or take a day or so.  That should keep things moving along a bit better...

Thanks again for your co-operation.


  1. I like that heart much better with a different colored center. The contrast really helps define the shape.

  2. I LOVE your heart! It turned out so beautifully. As for the egg, I think you're too hard on yourself. It may just be that I'm a newbie to this and don't have a trained eye, but I think it looks great no matter how you've done it.

    1. Thank you, Carol! Lovely sentiment and I have to admit (as I have been tatting for 3, not 30 years like some!) that I always marvel at how pretty most tatting can be once finished, even if full of mistakes.

      I am constantly amazed that I have been able to create something so lovely with a length of thread and a funny-looking, little tool with a hook on the end. The longer I tat, however, the more and more fixated on technique I become. I think this is what makes tatting fun and challenging for me - striving for perfection. The quest is not to stroke the ego, but to satisfy the desire for mastery of the art.
      Fox : )

      Thanks for your comment that inspired that long-winded though! I think I will do a post about this!
      Fox : )

  3. Tatting looking great! I don't have a problem with the rippled edge of the egg, although it could be the issue with tension and picot size. It's lovely to me no matter.

  4. This my best guess, looking at the pictures. It looks like the book picots, while long, are shorter than yours. Did she join together the last picot of one chain with the first picot of the next when she crocheted? I know you don't like blocking, but it might make a difference here. If you blocked your chains to have more of an arch, maybe the crocheted edge would follow with more of a scallop.

    The green heart looks great.

    1. Thank you for this thought,, Martha. You are right, I think. I have almost completed another but will scrap it and start yet again...

      I was too lazy last time to cut down the gauge... I had the thought, like you, that the picots were too long. That'll teach me... grrrr.
      Fox : ))

  5. I like your heart and two great colours, I am sorry you messed up your egg, I expect the next one will be better, sometimes things just don't always work out as we want them.

    Please give my love to Gian, sorry but I am sure his breed of cat is lovely but I do love my Lhasa Apso, I am sure if he meet one he would too.


  6. Oh,Fox, lovely in oliv green:-))
    Your new easter egg is pretty, look how the variegated thread in the center is of the same colorline! And it is so beautifully egg-shaped now. For the scalloped edge you asked some of the naughty little loops to cut the line, so that they can be hooked earlier :), don't you?

  7. Your heart is very pretty!! And I still love the egg!! :)

  8. I really, really love the green heart. Somewhat St. Patrick's Day themed ;-)

    I agree with your musing there, tatting does not have to be perfect to be beautiful. I am sorry you messed your egg, maybe you could trim all the picots and have a hairy egg :-P

  9. I have the book and have done almost all of them, just a few more to go. They were fun, but a challenge also...!!

  10. PS...sorry! I love the heart, but I must say it looks like a challenge. May I ask where that pattern came from? I would sure love to give it a try. Thanks!

    1. Barbara, this is Karey Solomon's heart pattern, from her booklet, 'Hearts Belong To Tatting.’

      Fox : )