Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tortuous Tatting

It has been a strange week.  I have stubbed toes, banged funny-bones, tripped, broken antique bowls - you name it.  Off-kilter.  And it showed big-time in my tatting:

I just could not get the thread the right length 
and then joined the wrong end...

Jon's Pattern: Firus

Both of these were a complete disaster.  
My dyslexic self could not cope. 
Jon's Firus and the next motif by Teiko Fujito - don't ask.
I will try again next week.  
Hopefully this all will pass...

Pattern from Tatting Patterns- Aunt Ellen's Treasury

Even this simple little motif that I tatted to feel better fell apart.  
It all went well till I tried to sew in the ends.  
The first part that was already sewn came
 undone and could not be fixed. 
* sigh *

On a more positive note:

And that's the kind of week it's been.


  1. oh Fox, what a week. surely all the bad stuff happened this week, and next week will be all good.
    congrats on your new thread stash, and according to ambitatterous you are officially a threadophiliac.
    along with many of us, you suffer from threadophilia ~ the love and obsession with threads.

  2. Well, soon a new week! It must be going around, as I've started the same tatting, joining incorrectly, 6 times; then found that the baktus I'm currently knitting is misshapen; not to mention my failed drawings. So put it all down for a long weekend, and enjoy the end of summer! Ellie

  3. Ah... then there's no need for me to feel alone! I hope next week is better!

  4. Ladytats, You think? : ))

    I'm going to get a decal for my car. Imagine a ball of thread and the heading: Threadophiliacs Thrive With A Good Yarn ; 0

  5. Well, it seems to be catching......
    Where did you get your finca perle, Fox? I've used up some thread, so I must replace it with more! Guess I have the dreaded thread disease, too. lol

  6. May your weekend be restful and peaceful and may there be a great new week for you coming! :)

  7. What is the beautiful variegated floral looking thread? I LOVE it.

    I'm sorry about your week, hopefully next week will be better (can't go downhill....)

  8. Eek!!! Well, at least you got some more tatting experience under your belt.... I feel like I've been on a pause for over a week now. :-( No good reason, just... haven't done anything. Maybe it's just the cycle of the moon or the changing of the month... (Don't worry; things will get better.... We're mere days from my much-hated birthday! LOL).

    AnyWHO, As far as the last one, where the hidden end came out, Can you pull it out completely and re-hide. Since I needle tat, I may have a different take on this, but one of TotusMel's videos made me realize something that I just couldn't believe took a pass on occurring to me: If you're hiding ends by just passing through them stitches, you can put a needle into the stitches and THEN thread the needle and pull through. Of course, it depends on your method of hiding ends, but... Maybe...?

    Stephanie Grace

  9. You could say you have dropsy, I am having a simular week as I cant bend, lift, carry, or stretch, if it falls it stays until hubby comes home, tuesday it was beads (oh he love that one) Wednesday was sissors, yesterday was a pen and knitting needles, roll on getting the stitches out and its heals so I can move again.
    Take care I am sure by the time the weekend is over you will be back to your self again.
    Lovely thread wonder what you are going to do with it.

    Have a nice weekend.

  10. Margaret, I can just imagine Vernon with the beads! LOL!!

    Stephanie Grace, Thanks - tried all that and more! There just was not enough thread as I had cut the first hide very close. : (

  11. fox, on the brighter side, you've got wonderful new threads to play with when you are ready to get back to tatting. hope tomor's a better day. :)

  12. Thanks for all the encouragement, Everyone. And yes, i am playing with that lovely new thread!
    Fox : )