Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Tatter's Titanic

I was going down fast in panic and dismay.  What was I going to do?  Finally I knew who would heed my 12:00 a.m. call of distress - Umintsuru!  And she did - within minutes, bless her.

I was reading the words over and over to mean "split ring."  WRONG  WRONG WRONG!  Oh boy.

Umintsuru told me that the 's/r' in this case, because it was a translation from the German, was to read 'mock ring' not 'split ring.' (You can imagine what my tatting looked like!)

  Thank you thank you, thank you, umintsuru!

While waiting for a reply, I tatted this 
pattern from the same book:

#19 Motif Challenge

Isn't it pretty, tatted with #40 Lizbeth: Sea Island Citrus 
and plain yellow Mercer #40.
AHA!  Too late I spy that mistake!  * sigh*  Always.

The pattern is in this book, discovered when reading Umintsuru's blog, a book that very nearly went out the window last night.  Glad I was patient for the speedy response!


  1. You had me at Titanic, Fox! Can you believe I just bought Spitzen-Kreatonin after seeing the impeccible edging that UminTsuru tatted from it?

    I can't wait to try the patterns...but I MUST focus on packing and readying myself for Tat Days.

    Are you attending Fringe Tatting Weekend in Ontario? If so, please share a full report with us! They have some very exciting project classes planned!

  2. P.S. I just love how the pretty motif in your latest header brings out the blue in Gian's gorgeous eyes. *sigh*

  3. I now know why Tsuru woke me up this morning. She must have heard your distress call.

    I noticed that your tatting matches Gian's eyes, no wonder he loves it so much.

  4. Such pretty colors! I have enough trouble trying to tat in English, let alone in another language. lol Good on you, Fox!

  5. I want the details on Fringe too.

    Sophie liebt Gian. Ah, liebchen.

  6. Very nice motif in awesome color combination!!! :)
    Make sure to leave yourself a note in that book to remind you for future references. ;)

  7. Great idea G-K!

    CM, Gian ♡ Sophie!

    umintsuru, That Tsuru has psych-cat ability!

    Is'Dihara, Aren't they the BEST blue ever? And, I don't know yet!

    Suz, Too bad I am not more proficient in English!

  8. I love both the motif and the colours! Beautiful. Rushed over to Amazon and bought the last copy of Spitzen-Kreationen. Should stop reading blogs... makes me spend money... :-)
    What shade of Lizbeth is it please, I really like it.

  9. ...what color is that Lizbeth's? It is pretty and so is your motif!

  10. I had to go and look at the pics at Handy Hands, but found it: SEA ISLAND CITRUS - pretty isn't it!

  11. You know, earlier I tried to post a comment, but I don't think it went through :-(

    Anywho - I so love the new header pic!!

    But what I wanted to say about your tatting is that I think it looks great... it seems that artists only recognize their own mistakes (I never see yours unless you blatantly point them out; and yet I ALWAYS see mine!) Thus said: I think the motif is beautiful and done in a scrumptious colorway.

    I also must note *with deep appreciation* just how wonderful tatters are... near or far... we always have someone to lean upon and call upon for help...

    Looks like your ship didn't sink afterall?

  12. Ooh! I LOVE the color! I think it's going to go on my wish list right away. Who am I kidding? It's going on my purchase list!

    I'm glad Umintsuru was available to answer your distress call. I don't think I've made it to midnight in years!

    What mistake?

  13. Shhhh! Don't tell us you made a mistake and we'll never see it!...and I still don't see it. It looks perfect as always.

  14. Beautiful! I tried tatting a pattern that was in Italian once....did not work :)

  15. That's lovely. And the book looks great, where did you get your copy?

  16. tattedtreasures, I began the search through Amazon and followed the links... I forget exactly where it ended up.

  17. Beautiful colours and motif, this book will have to go on my want list for now.
    Gina loves your tatting I see

  18. Have now got my 'cookies' sorted so I can leave a comment - eventually!

    I think this is so pretty especially in the colour combination you've chosen!