Saturday, September 24, 2011

Singapore Sends Splendid Stuff

Thank you to Umintsuru for sending me such a fantastic thread sample.  ( I do not know the name) I did not even wait to thank her for the package I received in the mail before winding the shuttle.  Threadophiliacs wait for no one! I love this thread.

Motif Challenge #25

Isn't it great?  Again the pattern is from the vintage D.M.C. book.
I changed the small top rings to Josephine Knots. 

I did have enough civility to finally send off a thank you email!  What I said about this thread was this:

Nice weight, good saturated colour and silky smooth.  It is wonderful.  Thank you for sending so much of it.  I have begin a small motif and realize there is quite enough for something larger.  It is reminiscent to me in texture of the Olympus thread, but it is not as thick and bulky.  

The package looked like this:

before this:

The beads are colours I use a lot and I used some in the motif.
Umintsuru can identify my tastes!

The silk caused some stress:

I am not very good with things that catch on my cuticles and I'm afraid trucker-mouth emerged with ferocity...  'Meatloaf' (remember him?) said it best... "Two out of three ain't bad!"

Umintsuru, thank you again for your generosity.

Please notice the little, white, folded letter in the top right corner of the envelope. I am so impressed by techniques of paper-folding. I must try it, but I know I am such a klutz... 


  1. what lovely gifts. and very pretty colors of thread. Naughty Gian, did you send him to the corner?

  2. What lovely beads and thread, and your motif is beautiful, I love how you change the pattern slightly.
    Naughty Gian, I hope he did not do any damage to the thread.
    Please give him a cuddle from me, and I hope he learns to respect your thread.

  3. What a lovely gift. I like toho beads these are very nice to use with a decent sized hole.

    I like the 'flower' threadholder she's made for you too.. I must remember that instead of cutting off a piece of toilet roll tube!

    And last but not least the motif you've tatted is beautiful....

  4. The thread looks even more beautiful when you tat it up. I know what you mean about the silk. Gian seem to like it. Oh, did you notice the stamps?

  5. umintsuru, the stamps are winging their way to Liam as I write! : ))

  6. Love the motif, Fox. And I like the colour of the variegated thread. My silk thread turned into a big ball of tangles.

  7. Such fun mail! Love the motif - and the thread is very nice. Why is it that some threads make the stitches look so nice and neat? (Wait, is it skilled tatting that does that?) I like the look of the Josephine knots too.

    I think I shall wait a bit to even try the silk thread :)


  8. Oh, Cindy! You make me laugh! In this case, I am quite certain the thread has contributed GREATLY to the neat stitches!
    Fox : )))

  9. The motif looks lovely. And so fortunate to receive such a package in the mail from a generous friend. I will be watching for how you put to use those beads and silk thread.

  10. Such a sweet pink doily. Looks very nice with the green beads.