Monday, September 12, 2011

Bonny Baiduri - A Beguiling First Attempt!

#18 Motif Challenge

Jon's 'Baiduri'

I realized too late how insipid the colours are. My taste in colours has gone through quite a transformation in the last year. I am not as enamoured with pastels as I have been in the past.

This was a terrific pattern for me - simple and straightforward.  I had NO trouble with it at all. Also, I used Cebelia for the white - #20 - and it felt like rough string after all the thinner threads I have become used to.

However, I am now tatting another of Jon's patterns from the Snowflake book in Finca #16, and after the Cebelia, it is like working with a  spider-web , all tiny with nearly  invisible stitches.  

There is no middle ground I suppose.  I think  Lizbeth #40 is the compromising and agreeable size.  This is not good news for my bank account...  : ))


  1. Nicely done, Fox!!

    Hey, I know what you mean about compromising thread gauges... and I definitely can understand how it doesn't agree with bank accounts! Been there, done that! (Still there, actually)

  2. Mmm-hmmm, despite my already vast collection of threads, I am still waiting for the Thread Fairy to visit me and leave more... what do I have to do to get her attention, anyway?

    Funny, I was just thinking what pretty, delicate colors they are. Certainly not what I'd like to work with all the time, but using pale colors once in a while can make a refreshing change.

  3. Your Bairduri looks so delicate and crisp - a vision of loveliness. I sigh sweetly every time I see it. Great job!

  4. This one turned out beautiful. The white goes fine with the pastels and also the green beads.

  5. I like the colors! Even though I tend towards color with flash sometimes, if this is going on a tree, white shows up better. Many of the other colors get lost in the greenery. (could be a silver or white tree though!)

  6. This is beautiful. might be tatting this one over and over again just to see different colors. Happy Tatting...

  7. The colors look so soft, but I guess that's what pastels are supposed to do! I do enjoy tatting with size 40. I don't worry about the bank account, although I should. I keep thinking... you can't take it with you! : )

  8. Beautiful, lovely sof colours and beads, simply beautiful.
    well done