Monday, September 5, 2011

Perseverance Personified

#13 Motif Challenge

From The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito.

The thread is #16 Finca Perle, my new choice these days.

Though shiny and fine, it is also soft and difficult to use on the hot, humid days we have been experiencing, as it got very wilted and floppy the more I held it.  But, I am liking this fine thread and it is a good replacement for the Lizbeth #20.

It is challenging sometimes using the finer threads, but I do like the finished result better, so at this I am also persisting.  : )

After many beginnings, I utilized my markers and followed the directions.  A good place to start!


  1. I think you've got some seriously cool weather coming. I wore a jacket last evening.
    I'd love to get that book, everything you've done from it looks so wonderful! I love your colors on this one.

  2. fox, i have this book but have never tatted anything from it. it's good eyecandy, the book, but i'm inspired by your piece to tat something now. great job.

  3. I am very interested to hear that you like the Finca -- anything that is a good substitute for Lizbeth sounds great to me. I like the Lizbeth colors but can't stand tatting with the stuff! I use mine for crochet.

  4. I like the pink and red together! Remember the old days when there were rules like never putting pink and red together? I'm glad there are no color rules now... or are there? : )

  5. It looks so pretty, Fox!

    So glad you are persevering!

  6. Thanks, All! This one was tough.

    Jane S, If you have read tat-ology long enough, you have read words of a certain nature concerning Lizbeth #20, the vocalization of which still causes the muscles in my face to twitch uncontrollably and my eyes to narrow into almost-closed slits of suspicion and, dare I say once again, loathing.

    Finca is nothing remotely in any manner like Lizbeth, which to be fair I do not half-mind in the smaller-than-#20 size, and it is soft and thin, but I do enjoy it and am getting used to it. I miss the stiffness of other threads though, like the DMC #80, when tatting with it.

    Diane - Remember Ellen Tibbits? "Red and yellow catch a fellow,""?

    Charlette, Bonjour! Donc très bon de vous voir ici!

  7. Beautiful little motif, love the colours,
    So you are cooling down, we have not only done that its blowing a force 9 gale and doing what comes naturally, its really cold here more like an autunm day