Friday, September 16, 2011

From: Fox 
Subject: The Tat-Pic
To: David Reed Smith

…By the way, I found the brass spike shuttles way a little bit too heavy for me, as I have a small hand,  though I loved the shuttle itself.  

So,  the  shuttle  got re-invented for me, for un-tatting. 

Thought you might be interested to see the neat tool for tatters I have created with your shuttle.

I applied a  properly angled tap to the centre of the shuttle with a hammer and chisel, sanded the rough spots and applied clear nail varnish.  Looks great, feels silky and works perfectly for in-tatting. I would not be without it!

If you are interested in supplying this tool to Tat-land, I would be happy to talk about it on my blog. 

With apologies to you, the creator of these lovely tools... 

From: David Reed Smith
Date: September 3, 2011 
To:  Fox
You're welcome to show pictures of the
holly tat-pic on tat-ology.

While I'm not sure I'll list it on my site,
I'm pretty open to special requests.

From: Fox 
Subject: Mail From Tatting Fool
Date: September 15, 2011 
To: David Reed Smith

Hi, David,
Just received this from Tatting Fool:
"I just received the tatting pick from David Reed Smith. Wow, what a neat concept! I think it will be very handy, as it will get into some tight places where the wooden picks on his regular shuttles don't quite fit…."

From: Fox :
Re: Shuttle- thanks!
To: Tatting Fool

Can I post this?  I have asked David if I could tell Tat-land about my idea and he said yes, that he will sell them if folks want.  

I was hoping you would like yours, and seeing as you do, I would like to post about it.  I do not get a kick-back by the way! I am happy to do this for David as I think he does lovely work and I think tatters would really like this tool.  

Shall I write it up?

From:      Tatting Fool
Subject: Re: Wow, thanks!
Date: September 15, 2011 
To: Fox
Of course you can post it!

There you have it.  
The Tat-Pic is now available!

David's email:


  1. After reading today's post, I sit at the keyboard aghast. AGHAST, I tell you! You took a hammer and chisel to a David Reed Smith shuttle?!? The horror!

    I feel faint...

  2. Is'Dihara, I know, I know.... But I could not use the ones with pewter - too heavy for me and I use this tool ALL THE TIME! I do know what I would do without it. i love it. So, all is well....
    Fox : ))

  3. Fancy you could have distroyed the shuttle, but at least no harm came to it and you have come up with a new idea.
    I hope Lord and master is Ok and enjoying the weekend.