Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I believe it is Frivole who has this on her site. I have wanted to tat it for a while. From the D.M.C book called 'Tatting' by Dillmont.

These were tatted in an un-mercerized HDT that I had, and I think is Heather's Wine and Roses, in size #20.  It is a gorgeous colour, but is a bit soft and fuzzy, so the effect on the bookmark was not as crisp as I would have liked.

#23 Motif Challenge

This is, of course, Jon's Chinese Coin Bookmark. I had a bit of trouble at the beginning - as usual, but once I got going it was fine, though a s..l..o..w.. tat!

Instead of wine, this is to be given to the hostess at the dinner I am invited to.  I figured that the name of the thread was a sure sign!

This is what was left of the thread.  Just made it.  All gone.

Someone wants to play.. He is bored with the tatting and I believe I will have to sit him down with him Meabh for a bit of instruction on how things work around here.


  1. This flower is so sweet as the cherry tree blooming in spring!

  2. Lovely.

    Does M. Gian like catnip? Sophie desires to know.

  3. Don't tell Sophie, but between you and me, Gian is AFRAID of catnip!
    Fox : ))

  4. I love how your little pink motif looks on top of the black and white photo.

    I have tatted this, you are right. Mine was purple and I showed it at In Tatters. I made it to 19 medallions... and then I'd had enough. Maybe I'll pick it up again some day.

    There is also The Tatting Goddess who made a series of post about Th. de Dillmont's laces, one of them was this one, as part of her 25-motif challenge I believe.

    I love that book. One of my favourites out of which I have made many motifs and hanky borders.

    Like the colours on your bookmark, I'm a fan on that "zingy" green with pinks. Très joli.

  5. I love that picture of Gian! Couldn't tell if he was yawning, or yelling, "I'm borrrrrrrred!!"

  6. Gian,

    Your servant is getting out of hand. She seeks to make your desires secondary to hers. You must not permit this. Knock over the lamp if necessary. Feline supremacy must never be lost.


  7. I'm not a cat person per se', but your pictures of Gian make me smile... He's such a pretty cat :)

  8. Squijum, She is asleep. I unplugged the refrigerator. Gian.

  9. Hi Fox,

    Lovely little motif, love the colour and your bookmark is charming.
    His lordship needs some instruction on how things work, your tatting when you are doing it is more important, that should be his nap time so you can tat.

  10. The motif is lovely as is your bookmark. I found this with some soft pearl cotton - nice but the stitches aren't as crisp and defined, but I am more than sure the hostess will love it.

    Mmm I have the same problem with Dexta our 5 month old GSD he thinks my tatting time is his play time!