Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flaxen, Golden, Cadmium Or Daffodil!

This is the second of the hostess bookmark gifts.

The pattern is Ladytat's, and it is fun to do. The thread is Tatskool's and is a joy to have wound on my shuttle.  So many talented folks out there in Tat-land.

The mock picots at the joins are finally becoming easier.  It is challenging to get them the right length.  Bare threads seem to be what I am concentrating on at the moment. I just realized this.  

Funny how that works...


  1. Do you sleep? I've only just caught up with my blog reading and you're posting again!

    Very pretty - I've yet to try Tatskool threads... I just succombed to Yarnplayers new HDT's

  2. I love it!! You always have such nice colors too... I'm jealous again... :) This time of your eye for color ;)

  3. I'll try to get this comment in before blogger goes down ... again!!

    That is very pretty!! The colorway reminds me of bananas and fruit cocktail

  4. Both color and pattern are incredible! what a tropical drink color, it is so juicy and delicious, I absolutely love it! yum yum!!!

  5. This bookmark is lovely and in such pretty colours

  6. Very nice colours!! I'm making it a goal to one day tat a bookmark & a maple leaf & a doily.