Friday, September 9, 2011

Finca Blues

Oh dear.

I have had an awful time with a very small, seemingly straight-forward motif from Myra Piper's book.  Her patterns always challenge me, but they look so darned easy!

Maybe for most tatters they are not difficult, but they are right in the path of my worst "read-it-inside-out-spatial-dilemas"!

Here is the finished product in my new Finca#16, which is really very thin, that being a challenge in and of itself, not to mention an impossibility to un-tat.

The first attempt in larger thread ... a mess...

Got out the markers...


  1. It's very pretty, even if it did take a few tries!! :) I tried making notes before I started after reading some of your posts, & I have to admit it *would* have been easier to do that to begin with on those "vintage" patterns lol Live & Learn :)

  2. Hi Fox, I did read the Firus post and I'm glad (in a way) that we both have/had the same problem... at least this way we can help each other.

    I'll definitely keep you posted on the twisted joins dilemma, I think yesterday's lesson was better (but that will be another post when I get a chance).

    I have to chuckle when reading your post for today, I too find myself making notes on patterns, and I too have trouble with the direction to go (as in your last photo)... As much as I love JaneE's Flurry pattern, it is a difficult one for me to tat as there are so many of those type of rings that I lose track

    *Well, I can no longer sing Donkey's song (from Shrek)... as I'm no longer alone; there's someone here beside me


  3. as always Fox, I am awed at your persistence. I don't really see all that wrong in your first motif, just some tension issues. but your final result is awesome.
    great job.
    and pretty colors too.

  4. I love the blue and lavender together.

    Shoe lace trick. It's a great thing....

    Did Gian have any input?

  5. on your last pic : when I am coming to a ring like that, I alwas hold it so the work is at the back of my hand, and the ring would lay when closed to the side I want to start my new chain , or next chain on, I am a really visual person and can see things in my minds eye even with my eyes open, I am told not a lot of people can do that and my husband has to have drawings.

    but I put my done work to the back, and I always look at when I pull the ring closed, (before I start tatting the ring) where is the tail going to come out, make a full circle with your tail and see which side it will be coming out on, pretend you already tatted and are now closing the circle, that is the side your thread will end up on

  6. Thanks, Everyone! I am very happy with the look of this little motif.

    Lily, Yah, "you gotta have friends"! I hear you!

    Bri, Thanks, I do that too, especially the part about making the ring with the thread and imagining it done, and all is good till I turn the work to begin and the vision disappears! Instantly! * sigh *

    Gian told me to cook turkey, not tat. I am a vegetarian. He is little help.

  7. Very, very beautiful! Especially the blue one )

  8. Beautiful pattern and lovely colours, you have done a lovely job with the pattern.
    Love your new image at the top

  9. Both look nice, but I really love that blue one! Hey, whatever it takes to translate the pattern into tatting - it's all good.