Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thanks to Lily...

 #2 Motif Challenge
Glass Mat Adapted by Kendra Goodnow from Semco Book

Lily tatted a lovely glass mat ( that phrase again!) and I asked her about it.
She encouraged me to subscribe to the Handy Hands newsletter, for the current one has this pattern in it.  Lily is a clever woman and a terrific tatter, so I had to follow her excellent advice!  I received my first edition last week.

However, I will not be ordering any Lizbeth in the foreseeable future, as all the balls I have of it are shredding, twisting, splitting and generally  driving me batty.

Jeff and a few others have no problem with the thread , but all the balls I received from HH, even after the new thread arrangement, are  dreadful. The newsletter, however, rocks.

 One other thing to report:

A few days ago, I received an e-mail:
My name is Tabatha and I just learned how to tat and I wanted to share my very first attempt at a pattern after my first tatting lesson 3 weeks ago.  Yes it's your "Abigail". I still have a lot to learn and much to improve on.
I'd say this is absolutely amazing -  her first attempt at a pattern after her first tatting lesson! WOW!

Thank you, Tabatha, for doing  such an amazing job at tatting "Abigail!" Keep up your excellent work!


  1. This is a really pretty pattern, much enhanced by your colors and choice of beads - and there are a LOT of beads! (I'm assuming the original pattern did not have them.)

    I'm curious as to the threads you used here. (I'm amazed you've had so many difficulties with Lizbeth!)

    I can only assume by looking on the internet that the Semco company was (is?) in Australia and made shuttles similar to Aero, and also published tatting pattern books or booklets. But apparently the shuttles are no longer available.

    What a wonderful e-mail to receive from Tabatha, and an outstanding Abigail motif! When I learned to tat,
    I was just happy making rings (no chains) for awhile ! She should start a blog so we can follow her progress!

  2. WHAT AN EXCITING POST! LOVE that glass mat with all those colorful beads AND the glittering clear beads - WONDERFUL use of color, Fox!!!

    I JUST placed an order with Handy Hands and I MEANT to subscribe to the newsletter, but forgot - I'd say, "Heads will roll!" but since it would be my own, I'll settle for, "Dang!"

    And Tabitha's first attempt at a pattern is UNBELIEVABLE! She did a beautiful job with your Abigail.

    :) Ann

  3. Your glass mat looks so amazing!!! It would be beautiful framed and hung on a wall!!! :)

  4. Love your glass mat. The plain coloured threads with the colourful beads is a good combination. I don't know why, but I'm finding this whole Lizbeth thing fascinating. Why some people have little to no problems while others have nothing but problems is kinda weird. Enjoy your newsletter. I subscribed to it years ago, for a year, but found there were a lot of old patterns in it (which I don't care for).

  5. Love the mat and the colours they really make it!

  6. incredibly beautiful job fox, very very pretty !

  7. Lovely motif and pretty pattern, I have had so far no trouble with the Lizbeth thread, but I have not seen their news letter so I go and sign up for it.
    What a lovely e-mail from Tabatha and outstanding motif for her first attempt, she will go far with her tatting.

  8. The glass mat is gorgeous!Love the thread and bead choices.
    And what a thrill to hear from Tabatha, choosing your pattern to tat first!Yay!

  9. wow ! Im totally in love with your choice of colors the beads even the location of the beads...The thread color choices has enhanced the delicacy of the pattern...well done ! its amazing :)

  10. Es un bello patrón, increible la combinación de colores y como las cuentas dan ese efecto de azucar. BELLO

    Felicidades por tener alumnas tan avidas de tatting como Tabatha

  11. The glass mat is Exquisite!! The neutral tones really make this piece look very elegant!! (also like he beads)

  12. Fox, I haven't been online much at all in several months, but I finally popped in to look at your motif patterns. Beautiful! I especially love Maeve!

  13. Fox your glass mat is just lovely. I have been getting handy hands newsletter for awhile now. A lot of the patterns in the news letter I already have, but like the discount and free shipping.

    I find the size 80 thread is hard to close in a ring. It seems like the fibers are short and stick when closing the ring, where dmc size 80 just glides so smoothly.

  14. I wanted to say Thank you to all the kind comments that everyone has made of my attempt at Fox's Pattern Abigail. Thank you Fox for posting my work on your blog.

  15. the colours on your glass mat are so unusually and work so well. very pretty result.

  16. Bravo on the Glass Mat - so nice to see what you've done with it!

    I finished mine before I got sick, but haven't gotten around to scanning and posting about it yet. It's still in the book being pressed *should be nice and flat by now!*

    Did you have trouble with yours being 'overly frilly' on the final round?

    It seems that Tabatha has a knack for tatting - looks like she did a wonderful job on your Abigail!

  17. Lily, The final round was a wee bit frilly but flattened, out nicely when it went under "The Book"!

    And yes, that Tabatha should do very well indeed with a shuttle in her hand!

    Fox : )

  18. Love that glass mat!!! The colors and beads are stunning. I hope to tat that pattern as well as your Abigail motif soon.

  19. That "glass matt" aka doily is very nice. I love the muted colors popped by the brighter beads! Nice!