Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tatting: The Underwear Enabler

Here's the story... I was browsing yesterday through a major clothing store when I suddenly decided to see if there was a sale on lingerie, because I desperately needed to replace my threadbare supply. You DO know what I mean!

I must tell you, I despise shopping - I really do.  But, because there were so many signs about the savings I bravely trudged onward and upward to the second floor.

As soon as I arrived my eyes were immediately drawn to a pile of lingerie on a table off to the right.  It was the colour that drew me over, and normally I would not be looking for this shade - especially for my smalls. But, how could I resist these?  And the price - look at this:

This colour has been discontinued; the newer colours sell for - get this - $14.00!

For a sale price of $2.97, reduced further by 40% to $1.78, I splurged and bought seven pairs. Just like when I was a kid - one for every day of the week till washday.

Tossed the old stuff and feel like a new woman! Thanks, Tatting!


  1. What a steal of a deal! I am envious of your bargain-shopping power. And of course the colors work so well with your tatting.

  2. ROFL!!! Now are you going to go all Victorian on us and add tatting to your knickers?

  3. LOL... I could just imagine a tatted motif sewed to the buttocks of your bloomers!

    So neat to see the shades match though

  4. Such a deal! I'd have never stumbled upon that one, as I hardly ever browse through a store. I go with a definite purpose, buy what I need, and get out! With the Internet, I've gotten even lazier, and I do most of my shopping online. I'm such a chair potato! (I never sit on the couch.)

  5. I was just going to ask the same question Miranda,

    he, he, and if you do, will you show us?????!!!!

  6. Knickers snickers, AND money in your pocket. That's a good day!

  7. Good hunting indeed! - but I wonder whether you would have been as instantly drawn to them had the back-up tatting been in flame lantana, for example?
    I'd like to see that!

  8. My DH loves to wander around stores; even Victoria’s Secret to get unmentionables for his daughters AND he carries the bag out of the store. Talk about secure.
    I, on the other hand, am a hunter. I go in early, know what I want, find it and leave. Have always hated shopping because my dear Mother took me clothes shopping for school every year (I was really blessed and didn’t realize it). I tried on literally 100’s of outfits and she had me lug home half of it!
    She had one dress her last year of high school, which she had made and she washed it every night. I think all the clothes buying related to that time. One year I BEGGED to just be given the money and shop for myself. I went to a discount store and bought the same amount of stuff; only I picked it out ~ and brought my Dad home the change. Mother said that wasn’t a smart thing to do because he’d think SHE could get by with a lesser amount. I must say I was a well-dressed high school girl; really, more like for a college girl. Mother insisted on Slips and all the girly things. LOL I hated slips because they slowed up dressing for PE and getting re dressed! bj

  9. Wow that sounds a great price, sorry I dont know what the dollar rate against the pound is but they must be cheap, glad you got a set one for every day, sorry I wont be rushing across the pond for them, one the flight would make them too dear and by the time I get there thy will have gone. well done you for getting a bargin.

  10. Just goes to show that tatting helps every area of ones life :)