Thursday, February 24, 2011


 #4 Motif Challenge
Design by Laura Bobay, courtesy of  Mark Myers aka tat-man

The back-up is done and I found it an unpleasant tat.  Not sure why, but the outer part buckles and the inner round is very tight, and the small rings overlap more than they should, according to the picture.  

The colours got to irritating me as well.  Grumpy.  Not entirely my fault as I have not been feeling up to par the past couple of days.  Didn't even tat yesterday.  Not one ds! (and the new teal lingerie - hate it!  Not my style and can't stand the colour!  So much for a big savings!)

Now I am back to the hankie border and really  (finally) enjoying the pure white with clear beads.  It is going to be pretty, and for once I am not feeling that I need to rush to finish.  This is new...

Have been thinking a lot about tatting and where i want to go with the whole shuttle and thread thing.  I realize I am definitely not a doily person.  Never have been, but they are a great device for learning stitches and developing patience. Now I have a whole box of them languishing in my cupboard!

Not being a person who wears jewellery, I have not been drawn into the whole earring, necklace and bracelet thing either.

Yesterday, when I saw a photo of Jane here, (which I rather like a lot, Jane,  and I do NOT think you look like an old git here at all, but a rather a very fetching 'woman of a certain age!') I started thinking once again of what I want to do with my NEED to tat.  

Those thoughts are still all in a jumble, but I am going through some sort of transition at the moment... I'll let you know when I find out myself what this is all about!


  1. I love the color combination of the teal and browns. I also have a big bag of finished tatting and no clue what to do with it. I just tell myself that I tat for the pure joy of it. I do like to make earrings and I get lots of requests to make them for people but I really don't like to do custom orders. I'd like to have more of a purpose for my tatting but for now I'll just keep doing it for the joy. I enjoy your posts and projects so I hope you'll find the joy in your tatting again soon.

  2. I love love love the colors. I don't know you, but I just discovered tatting, and I love your blog! I think the color choices on all your doilies are beautiful.

  3. ..I gotta say.. no matter of your feeling on it and I understand what you are saying, I DO LOVE the color combination... nostalgia!

  4. It is interesting to see what people tat, thankfully we are all quite different. When I first learnt to tat there was only hankie edgings, collars and doilies. Now there are some really interesting patterns to try out. I have kept very little of what I tat, most is given away. But I love wearing jewellery so tatting gives me an outlet there! Will be interesting to see where you go from now in this transition period.
    I agree big sister isn't "an old git" !
    Must also say I love those colours, they go together so well.

  5. ..... should have gone with flame lantana! - when I saw the back-up motif I thought at once how beautiful the colours are! Perhaps you are just going through the Doldrums. It will be interesting to see which direction you eventually take. Somehow I cannot imagine that you will abandon your tatting completely.
    However, you have been going at it tooth and several nails for a couple of years so maybe this shuttle-gazing down time will be good for your Muse.

  6. Hmmm... I like those colors together. However, parts that are too tight and too loose do drive me crazy.

    I am a doily person. For years I crocheted doilies. You'd never know it to look around my house. Very few are in sight. Still, I get pleasure from making them.

    What I think I really want to get into is making yards and yard of edgings and braids!

  7. This motif looks GREAT to me! Wonderful colors!

    Many of us have experienced 'hitting the wall' and losing interest. Except for demonstrating, I was out of the tatting game for several years - until blogging came along, and even now I don't do that much tatting, but I love seeing what everyone is doing.

    It's not surprising, considering you've been tatting non-stop for two years with great intensity and achieved Master Tatter in record time! - not to mention blogging and sharing so much great information with all of us.

    Have you thought of demonstrating? It's quite fun to do (you don't always need a costume), and you don't have to sell if you don't want to. You could just show how it's done and let people see what tatting looks like. There is always a lot of interest and it might renew your enthusiasm!

  8. I'm anxious to see what you will be up to next. I'm sure that it will be just as beautiful as all that you do.

  9. I think we could all say we have load of doilies, I have just done the clean out and had new furniture, I never did know I had so many tablecloths, doilies etc. I like the colours you used, I dont make a lot of jewellery but I enjoy my tatting and have some on my craft table.
    Have a nice day, I think thats what you say over the pond

  10. I love these colors and this pattern you've tatted. Sorry you don't feel good about it.
    Could you tell me the colors and threads you used?
    I know what you mean about not being a doily person, not bad enough a person has to dust but to pick up doilies and bric a brac too! I think adding tatting to dishtowels and curtains and pillowcases and blouses is a lovely way to use tatting. I don't mean adding it to the top of these articles like an applique,but cutting away the shape of the motif and and stitching it to the item. Connie

  11. I, too, love the color combination, Fox, but I appreciate how hard it is to finish a product that isn't in a combination that personally appeals to you. I keep two hatboxes of my tatting. One is all mine. It contains items from exchanges, designs I'm working on or attached to, pieces I just really enjoy. I love getting it out and just browsing it or digging around in it to find something to use. The other is my "gift" box. It is where my family and I go when we want a special gift for someone else. It also lets me sometimes participate in exchanges that I wouldn't otherwise have time for, too. I look forward to hearing how you solve the dilemma for yourself. I may want to adopt a new approach!

  12. Thanks, you guys! You always make me feel so much better. What a mood THAT was!

    Maureen, I am glad I did NOT waste any Flame Lantana while in that state of mind! No, I save Tatskool's luscious HDT and use it only when I am very positive! : )

    Margaret, You are funny! I never say, "Have a nice day!", but it was a lovely sentiment from you! And I shall! : ))

    connie, The thread is Lizbeth #20, but I do not know what numbers. One is teal and the other is brown.

  13. wow Fox i really liked how you shared your sincere thoughts with us..the whole where I wanna go with tatting even comes to my mind sometimes although you know I'm quite new in the field...I sometimes think of myself couple of years from now and ask do i wanna have lots of motifs around ? Or do i wanna get professional in jewelry..I wanna see where the wind takes me maybe someday I will move against the wind !