Thursday, February 10, 2011

Knotting Good About It

In spite of the twisting, the knotting, the swearing and the gnashing of teeth...

#3 Motif Challenge

This is the second galoon of this pattern that I have done, taken from  D.M.C. Tatting by Therese de Dillmont (free from The Antique Pattern Library.) This one, if you look closely, has squared pink beads in the centre of each ring.

This little piece took forever to tat - very fiddly, and the fiddliness was exacerbated by the poor quality of the Lizbeth.  Ah - if it were not for the gorgeous colour, I would have tossed this ball ages ago.  But, I love this pink.

I remembered my mom's hankies that I have stashed away and I thought one of them in white had an " A"  on it.  Found it.  The embroidery is almost a silver colour and I am doing the Iris's   "Gardenia" border - in white, as every other shade seems wrong. 

The "A" is for my sister, who is making a quilt for me.  She tolerates tatting quite well, but it is the sentimentality of the very old hankie, plus the tatting done by me that will be most appreciated.  She is sentimental.  Also, she never reads my blog!  

I am using #20 Cebelia; even went to the craft store especially to buy a ball, as I do not have enough white for the whole border.  

The hankie is so fine, I should probably use a finer thread, but I love this border in the heavier stuff, and the store had no #30, so #20 it is!

I could not resist a few - just a few - clear, small beads.  I think they will be lovely...   There are three in each repeat ... only three!

I love the flower work,  the colour and the delicate feel of the whole thing. I am pleased.


  1. Querida Fox, cada dia me sorprendes con cosas lindas. El pañuelo antiguo una preciosidad de monograma y quedara exclusivo y muy elegante con la puntilla de frivolite con cuentas. Felicidades

  2. I love your pink galoon! The Gardenia edging is going to be pretty on that precious hanky. The beads will sparkle.

  3. Hey Fox!
    The pink galoon is very pretty - the beads are GREAT! Did the beads add to the fiddliness or did they make it easier to keep the spacing uniform?

    What a BEAUTIFUL hanky! The edging is going to make it even lovelier and I can only imagine how pretty those sparkly beads will be!

    :) Ann

  4. Well done! I hope to start figure 3 next week.

  5. Your hanky will be wonderful! I like that pink, too.

  6. I think that is part of what got me started on tatting in the first place, how it feels so unique in your hands :-)

  7. I find the story of going especially to the shop to buy this ball of thread very satisfying - i would like, in principle, to be able to do the same thing each time I plan a new project.However, I have amassed far too much in the way of stashed threads to justify that thereby depriving myself of the pleasures of a simpler time when I used to knit. Half the fun was in choosing wool, and then coming home and unwrapping it straightaway to cast on.

    I am a devotee of the "Miss Read" books in which the gentle village ladies habitually visited the local shops to "buy some knitting wool".

  8. absolutely love the galoon done in pink! I have a sewing project I want to do, one of the caplets from the 1900's of the west, and the pioneers, you see the western ladies and the prairie ladies wearing them, not a full length cape, but comes to the elbows and is for slightly cool days but not winter, and has one of the rounded simple colors on it, I want to make one of those, and I want to put an antique edging on it, I absolutely love seeing all the edging you and Gina especially have been posting! The pink is the bomb!

  9. Lovely comments! Thank you so much.

    Ann, The beads really do not affect the fiddliness at all.

    It is the way the rings twist backwards and forwards and I kept making joining mistakes galore and had to un-tat all that awful splity Lizbeth...a nightmare!

    It would have been easier in a better quality thread.

    Maureen - You make me smile! I know exactly what you mean and I did the same... still do!

    Bri - I was going to write about how I would NEVER take on a large project in this pattern, but figured no one would be interested in hearing that.

    Then you wrote about the cape!

    Good grief! You might be tatting that for YEARS!

    Perhaps if you just edged the collar, it would be fine, but my first image was of the edging all around the bottom edge of the cape; they were short, but circular and very full! : ))


  10. Krystle - you have nailed it.

    That is precisely what is so pleasing about tatting for me.

    I had not thought of it in those terms, but your words come as close as I can get as to the "why" I tat.
    Fox : )

  11. Fox, I am really jealous of (with, for?) your hankie, it is soooooo gorgeous. And the edging is fabulous. Please show it when finished.

  12. That galoon looks awesome!!!
    And the hankie edging is sweet! :)

  13. Ooh, I wish we lived closer! I have some size 80 in grey that you could try for that hanky. (The white looks very nice though!)

    The galoon looks even better with beads in the center of the ring. Did it help to lessen the twisting (adding the central bead)? ...just read your response to Ann's comment!

    I will be trying gallons (sometime before....) probably not in pink, but your pinky galoon is pretty enough to make a girl swoon!

  14. Hi, Isdihara,

    I did think of grey! None n my stash.

    The hankie is a very near-white and the stitching is a silvery colour - the photo makes it all look greyer in depth of colour than it actually is. That's why I settled for the true white with clear (hopefully watery-looking) beads.

    You will enjoy the galoons - they are definitely fun!
    Fox : )

  15. I have 18 of your posts to catch up on. Love the new header your seahorse dragons are brill.Great pattern i got addicted to it too.