Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wounded Tatter Shuttles On...

 Couldn't stand the bandage; it got in the way! Thank you for all the kind messages about my... mishap.  Too nauseating to explain.  I hope not to repeat that misadventure again any time soon.  Enough said.

#11 Motif Challenge

This ls Tammy Rogers's Maple Leaf in the two variegated threads.  
I love how it turned out.  This was a real lesson in experimenting with colour.
 #12 Motif Challenge

Saw this little motif on Isdihara's blog, and although she was fit to be tied with her tatting, I found this to be an enchanting pattern and so had to tat it with thread left on the shuttles.  Thanks, Isdihara!

Can you guess?  I am tatting this with the Coron thread that Suneeti sent me - it is a fabulous blue; a gorgeous, deep, saturated blue and a silky texture.  It is a bit thicker than anything I usually use, but is suitable for the pattern...  : )



  1. Your maple leaf is stunning!
    Neat little motif there.
    Really nice blue pattern! :)

  2. The colors on the maple leaf came out really well.

  3. Fox,
    sorry to hear that you had a injury problem. Your maple left is cool! So it the motif & edging that you made. Recover soon & watch those crochet hooks. I hope you didn't have to go to the doctor over it. Trust me you are not alone on being injured by those hooks.

  4. That Maple leaf is stunning and the colour is gorgeous. I tried the Omega Nylon it is on my blog!

  5. Sorry to hear about the hook accident. I hope your wound heals fast..You colorful tatting looks very pretty..the maple leaf is gorgeous..

  6. I'm so glad you can still tat with the injury. Hope it feels better soon. Your colour combinations are always something to look forward too. Love how you put two together. What are you making with the gorgeous blue Coron?

  7. Wow! Love your leaf, and the colours are just perfect, aren't they?
    Ummmm. Hooked on tatting is just supposed to be an expression........(Sorry, I just couldn't pass that one by) Hope you're all better soon!

  8. So Sorry to read about your accident!!

    I see you are a soldier... Tat on, my friend!

    The beautiful deep blue Coron thread... ahhh... in that shape... in that color... gives me chilling goosebumps it's so pretty!

    The pattern makes me think of the bottom part of the seahorse dragon from AnneB...

    The Maple leaf?? Can you say Alegria?!?! (means happiness) which is what it does to me... makes me smile when I see it...

  9. That's some nice tatting you have there! That maple leaf is just wonderful. I'm glad you didn't have the problems on that little motif that Isdihara had, it looks nice. That is a gorgeous shape to go with that lovely color. And using such a pretty shuttle, too!
    I saw the picture on your last post, cringed and hurried away, mentally wishing you well but not wanting it to be catching. I'm glad you can still tat. Hope everything heals quickly.

  10. I like your shuttle with the pansy on it! Where did you get it! My grandma who tatted grew pansies and pansies so remind me of her! I am always looking for shuttles with pansies on them so I'd love to know where you got that one, please. You can post the answer in my blog comments if you please because I'm having a bugger of a time getting around to visit like I used to...you may have noticed...tsk...tsk! (shaking my head at myself)

  11. Thank you for telling me about LaCosette! Yes, you are right, I do know about her and have ordered from her already! I will look through her "sold" shuttles and request her to make me one like it! She says she can usually replicate stuff! Thanks! You seem to have acquired quite a collection from her already. Doesn't she make the coolest stuff!?! I can't wait for her Christmas stuff to come out! YAY! Seems silly to want to tat Snowflakes with Christmassy Shuttles, but hey! That's ME! :D I'm silly that way!
    ~TattingChic ♥