Saturday, October 30, 2010

Midnight Admonitions

Late last night, after I was admiring my handiwork and gloating a bit, because those spiral chains give me grief and they were all tatted and complete,  I noticed something was amiss with one of the plastic rings.

It was broken!

You can guess which dragon it was that would be causing such a ruckus,  waving her PINK head about and letting me know that the plastic in her ring had snapped!

Ah, smart little dragon - though headstrong and marching to her own fireball - she alerted me to the problem before I had  packed all away to be wrapped up later, when I never would have noticed the flawed ring.

 We had a discussion, the dragon and I:

- Nobody knows, I said.

-You do, she said.

-I don't think it will ever be discovered, so why should I tat another tail, if the chances are slight that it will ever become a problem? I said.

- You know who I am going to, and SHE would be beyond  insulted if she saw that hers is the one with the big, hidden, mistake, that you did not even bother to fix!

You have a point, I said

Fix it, she said.

It is fixed.


  1. Ah, those flawed rings... they do rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune moments. It's a good thing you were alerted!

  2. I love what you have come up with for hanging the dragons! And I'm glad you went back and fixed the ring. It mattered to YOU. Your cords look fabulous!

  3. So, those tiny little dragons are the boss!! But she was right, not fixing it would not have given you a good feeling in the end. Thye are fabulous, cannot say that often enough!

  4. Who knew that dragons had such strong powers of persuasion? I thought it was all fire and intimidation with that lot. All the more reason to admire them! *grins*

  5. I love your post today. It was the right thing to do you know...:o)

  6. love the weyr and the hangers, you do just good work. and yes, you would have known even if no one else did and would not have been able to enjoy your work as much as you can now.

  7. LOL - Dragon has a good point, I guess!!

    Pinky will thank you later ;-)

    LOVE those key charms, btw... very classic

  8. Oh, you HAD to fix it, you would have worried about it for the rest of your life otherwise! - and you have now had plenty of practice with spiral chains - (those, I can do!).

  9. Oh dear what a conumdrum but it is now fixed, love the spiral chains!