Monday, October 25, 2010

Going to be Gorgous

 Yessiree!  I am very happy so far with the results I have for the fourth of the dragon set, the one for Gray.

 Some of you have asked about the reactions of the kids.  Well, they know NOTHING about this dragon business; they will each be given their dragon namesake in December, when the New York brood will be visiting in Toronto.  Till then, the dragons remain in their den, avec mama!



  1. Looks like it will be pretty. Hmm may have to make this :)

  2. This will be a wonderful surprise when they visit. Lovely dragons they are...

  3. Watching you tat all these dragons is making me want to tat this pattern. I hope you will show us all the dragons together once they are done. I'm sure the kids will love them.


  4. I love it already. All the dragons have been beautiful with your choice of thread and beads together