Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Graydon of Orange

 #19 Motif Challenge

Thanks for the fourth dragon to  
for the pattern and the imagination. 
and to my friend, 
for the fancy bronze thread.


  1. Ooooh, I'm dying to see these all in a row - each one is more stunning than the one before.
    Now - what shall we call this collection of dragons? - a dram of dragons.....?

  2. Graydon is very Grand. Your dragons are quite the ornament of the season. Happy Tatting...

  3. What happens when you run out of grandkids? (smile)

    Another stunning one!

  4. Is there going to be another dragon!? I think this one is a Welsh dragon.
    Love all the colours you are using.

  5. Very hot! Love the dragon, and the colours.

  6. Thank you, Everyone! ♥

    The final and fifth dragon is on the shuttles... I am having so much fun!
    Fox : )

  7. Wow what a wonderful dragon and I do love the colour!

  8. I love each one more than the last! And your collection of decorated shuttles is fabulous :)

  9. This is a very fiery-looking dragon. I can't wait to see all of them together!

  10. Your dragons all look great - and this one looks "hot"!

    So what do you call a group of dragons? Maybe as they're tatted it should be a Ring of Dragons?
    Some names I found on-line
    Westerns: Rage
    Easterns: Tatsu
    Furs: Clan
    Wyverns: Wing
    Lizardus: Lounge
    Dinos: Pack
    Pteros: Flight
    Felis: Pride
    Darks: Dignity
    (A Dignity of Darks... Has a nice ring to it!)

    Love your shuttles!

  11. Well, tattrldy, someone has certainly done her homework! That is quite a selection. I'll let you know very soon which I will use ... : )

    Sally, I am tickled that you said he is a Welsh dragon.

    Like me, Graydon is a Taurean soul, and Welshness has a certain resonance for us. (I am speaking for Gray as he is still talking in his own elusive tongue... He is all of 26 months old, but displaying all the hallmarks of our brooding kind...

    ♥ Fox ]:)

  12. Hi Fox!

    LOVE Graydon - he's beautiful!!!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, unfortunately I won't be able to publish it as my hosting is now with blogger.

    It's still the same address: www.tatterme.com
    Still trying to figure out how to import all my past posts though... (guess I can copy and paste... oh the work, the work!!) LOL

  13. Really cute...I love the beads in there to. I haven't used them much, but just bought more to try using them again/more.