Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bequeathing Dragons

I have no castles, armies of knights or crowns of jewels,  but I can leave them DRAGONS, one to be named after each grandchild, tatted in colours that are favoured by the wee one.  With gratitude to Ann Beuvold  and Deb Arnold  for the pattern and the imagination, and to my friend, Suneeti, for the fantastic blue Coron thread.

I present the eldest:

Liam The Blue

#13 Motif Challenge

I am gong to tat the five of them and give them to the kids 
when we are all together in December.  
Fun or what!

 Next, the hats are finished.  
Those dragonflies meandering across the crowns are designed by umintsuru,
to be in the post tomorrow for Mini Boss Maeve's brothers in New York.  It is getting chilly!

Now: new thread, compliments of Diane, who sent me
samples in order to try the skinny stuff that is so pretty.  Thanks Diane!
I already have the shuttles loaded...

This photo is here because I love the motif and am going to use that thread
for an old pattern I have done before, but think it will look great in
these colours...stay tuned!

The fabric? Why, that is
one of Jane's pretty tatting pouches!

 Thanks, Everyone - the wound is mostly better now.  I appreciate all the
kind comments and caring sentiments  from Tatland!


  1. Love the dragon! And now I see where the Dragon Wing Doily comes from.

  2. OOO - love your dragon! And I have a set of Jane's bags in the very same cloth (which I sent to her). I love kitties....

  3. The dragon is "blue"tiful!

    S and S in S

  4. Aha! beads on all the joined picots of the dragon. Looks great!

  5. Fox, this dragon is absolutely gorgeous! SOOOO beautiful!

  6. Love the dragon and what a great idea to make one for each child!

  7. Great idea for the dragons! I should ask my grandchildren what they'd like, but I'm not sure I can stay focused long enough to make one for each of them! ; ) Love the blue!

    Hmmm... I wonder how those dragons would look in Sulky? Just a thought...

  8. Thanks, everyone! ♥

    Diane, I think I am so stubborn that I will now have to do the next four... Pure bullish personality! But NOT in Sulky!!
    Fox : )

  9. I have one word for all the photos in your post...


    Need I say more? ;-) LOL

    btw, thanks for your comment post :-D

  10. Love the dragon! It looks great in that blue and the beads are a nice touch. And dragonflies, too - you are busy. I bet the children will like all of them.