Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back to Clunies... sigh....

#22 Motif Challenge
Pattern by Elisadusud, with thanks.

 It would appear that I have a lot of work to do. Ah, Clunies...


  1. Well they are certainly better than my non-exixtant clunys. I don't know that I'd have the time to learn them at this point. And there are things I really want to tat…
    I think they look great; and, I know you are a perfectionist, driven, over achiever…gotta luv ya…I appreciate people with those qualities. xxx bev

  2. At least you're trying them! I, on the other hand, will leave the experimenting up to you for now. : )

  3. You never give up, do you Fox?! Don't think you will ever rest till you have mastered all the tatting technique to the full 100%.. Again, you do so well... compliments.. you make us all so jealous.. is there anything you cannot make?..

  4. I have never attempted a cluny, lol, so good job :D

  5. Pshaah, Tattingrid!

    There is soooo much I cannot do and I started this tatting trip so very late in my life!

    I am just trying to make up for all the tatting I have never done! But, thanks for the super-gigantic compliment!
    ♥ Fox : )

  6. Ooh, we're on the same wavelength here. And yours are neater than mine by a long way! It's a question of practising, I think, and not beating yourself up when it isn't perfect. I sympathise, though because it does hurt keeping your hand in that shape, doesn't it? :S

  7. It's such fun, isn't it, when a cluny actually closes! - I am very proud of the one and only example I have attempted. It was taught in one of our monthly Tatting Meetings here in Brisbane, by Judith Connors! She gave us all little cardboard looms marked with letters and numbers - I had to try many times just to wind it correctly.......
    I'm glad I tried it, but have no desire to repeat the exercise. I will admire your quest for perfection at a distance .

  8. They look good. I have never made clunies. Hmm someday

  9. Thank you, All! I am NOT pleased, considering I have been at this for many a moon!

    Snowy, your clunies are fantastic for the first time! I have commented on your blog....

    ♥♥ Fox : )

  10. Hi Fox !!
    This is Azin :) I have finally started a new tatting blog :) I am so excited and I would love to hear ur comments :)