Saturday, October 23, 2010

Abigail The Pink

#17 Motif Challenge

Thanks for the third time to  
for the pattern and the imagination. 
and to my friend, 
for the pink Altin Basak 
and the pink-silver sparkly, fancy thread.


  1. Thank you so much for 'nearly' using my only granddaughter's name!!!! You can shorten Abigail to Abbi and then you'll have it perfectly right!!! The seahorse in the pink is wonderful. As my Abbi says 'I like pink'. So do I!!!!!

  2. Jane, We call 'The Boss' Abby.
    She loves(demands )pink!

    I think "Abigail" really suits the dragon, though!

    Fox : )

  3. Maybe you didn't win, but you certainly achieved a mutually acceptable agreement! I really like the effect of the second thread on the wings.

  4. Wow! The more you tat of these things, the faster you whip them out! I'm not usually a "pink" fan but this one is definitely a girly-girl dragon!

  5. Abigail is beautiful. You definitely have this pattern perfected. Happy Tatting...

  6. I love ALL your dragons! And especially how they took on the personalities of their owners as you thought about them and tatted. I wish I could tat them as fast as you!

    I have spent a lot of time wondering how dragons got into the tatting world, and the more I see them, the more I know I will just have to make one at some point.

  7. I think of dragons and I think of AnneB.

    These are really fun to tat!

    Thanks, everyone, for the great comments. The next one is coming along. I am having some trouble finalizing the thread as the first "perfect" thread just was not the right colour!

    ♥Fox : )

  8. That is a cute pink dragon! Love the bead idea!

  9. Pinks and beads? What's not to love? Abigail looks fabulous!

  10. Love Abigail!!!

    What did Mini Boss think of the end result??

    BTW, I love the new Blog header photo!! (There's that lovely mysterious dark blue thread with the mystically-iridescent beads to compliment. Hmmm, I feel like taking a walk in the semi-dark woods - in search of a castle. (I know, I'm nuts)