Friday, September 3, 2010

West Side Tatting

There's a roll for us.
Somewhere a roll for us,
Thirty stitches, we're almost there,
Hold the thumb,
Don't be scared.
Hold it.  Squeeze it.
We'll find a new way of tatting,
Shuttle the Lupins for Mary,

I cannot take credit.  Sewmuchfun kindly interpreted the pattern for me with words, almost as soon as I begged for help, stopping an epic hissy fit of dyslexic torment dead in its tracks. Sharpshooter is she.

This one's for you, Ann!

Afterthought:  This could be a copyright issue, but it is also a teaching thing for folks like me.  I am taking a chance and letting it stand, with all credit give to Mary Konior, hoping I am not stepping on toes or breaking laws. This is only well-intended and to be used for personal use and not  for profit in any way.



  1. AWESOME FOX! You've done a BEAUTIFUL job with Mary Konior's Lupins pattern. You're rolls are looking SO smooth!

    And THREE tatting songs in ONE night!!! You and Isdihara could supply sing-along material for the next Tat Days (if they have a sing-along, that is). I LOVE your "West Side Tatting." It truly captures the way I felt as I blundered my way through my first few rings of Lupins!

    Thanks for hosting, "Tatology - The Musical" tonight - I'm REALLY enjoying it!

    :) Ann

  2. Congratulations, Fox! Looking good! I've yet to try roll tatting.

  3. Your roll tatting is coming along very nicely!

  4. Sewmuchfun4 is right again! Your rolls are so smooth. I bet you're also light on your feet, aren't you?

    Ooh, your West Side Tatting is so classy! (And here I sit with "Buffalo Girls" stuck in my do these lyrics get IN there?!?)

    "Buffalo Girls won'tcha come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight...

    [skipping to the last part -- you'll thank me later]

    And TAT by the light of the moon!"

  5. Oh Fox! You and Isdahara should TOTALLY do a medley! Now I must go watch It's a Wonderful Life...
    :) Ann

  6. it looks great & probably most of us own the book --- always, L.