Monday, September 6, 2010

Quality Takes Back Seat To Speed

 Winding down at the end of the weekend I took a shuttle to another neighbourhood cafe and this one is not a particularly welcoming place;  I find it a bit snooty.

So, because in the beginning I felt a bit awkward tatting in a corner, getting odd looks, I decided I would just concentrate on how much of the Lupins pattern I could tat in an hour, not worrying about anything but speed and getting the pattern right. 

Here is the result of that hour:

#16 MC

It isn't pretty but I am pleased that I get the roll tatting.  It actually is surprisingly simple, after all that angst,  though I am not tatting fs/bs.  Too confusing for me at this point, but I now know I will in the future.

For anyone out there who wants to try this technique, I would suggest that you do not do the ten rolls  at a time that everyone seems to find works for them, but rather five!  When I switched to rolling only five at a time, I found the whole process much, much  smoother.

I find using a good 6-ply thread infinitely better than the 3-ply - which I am beginning to shun.  OHH, just listen to that uppity tone!  And I thought the folks in the cafe were bad!

Really, I am getting very picky about thread.  This could be an ominously expensive transition...



  1. I seldom if ever use DMC Perle for that very reason - too soft, too icky to retro tat. And it's too bad, because I like the colors & I have a ton of it. But I'm picky now, need nice crisp thread.

  2. Go for it, tattips!
    Fox : ))

    C.M. Yup. I Know. Problem for me is I have a lot of Cebelia.

    Even with all the woe I have had with Lizbeth, I like using it more than the Cebelia.

    The Lizbeth pile is shrinking and I rarely use the DMC, except if there is a colour I need.

    Have no Perle - used it up in my first tatting year! Good!
    Fox : )

  3. It's looking awesome and I just love the colors! :)

  4. I wish I could afford to be picky about threads, I can only find occasional vintage threads, ecru crochet cotton and Perle 8, so I use Perle 8, I see all the pretty stuff online and would love to try some HDT's or some of the other varigated threads, but I can't really afford it, I can't even afford to do the thread swap...

  5. I do neither ten, nor five, rolls before transferring. I 'flip' each roll into its proper place in the pinch as it is formed. Half way through the set of rolls, I let the shuttle dangle to dissipate any excess twist. All the rolls are uniform and smooth, and there is very little difficulty in sliding the core thread to close the ring.

  6. Must try, your looks brill. Great tip about the number of stitches to roll. Bit like tatting spirals...I tat 5 half stitches and twist.

  7. Tatskool - Thanks! Yes, just like that ,; a few at a time works wonders. Like calories!
    ♥ Fox : )

    Thanks, God's Kid!

    Brooklynne Michelle, You've got to try Cebelia. A lot of people really like it and it is an old standbye. I can send you some samples to test it out. You just may be one of those folks that who loves it! Check your email.
    Fox : )

  8. I'm snooty too, I guess. I don't like 3-ply; the results looks faux tatted to me. Clumpy and bunched up picots…yikes! But there are some pretty colors.

    However, I mostly buy HDT now (talk about being snooty…she said, hiding under her bed) so have fantastic colors from which to choose.

    xx bj

  9. Hi Fox,
    I gotta say that I find your shuttles EXQUISITE!!!!
    Me wants.......precious.......

  10. oooh you are becoming a thread snob. Thank goodness for that - I thought we were a dying breed.......LOL