Friday, September 3, 2010

Rolling With The Punches...




    I'VE got a problem now though. The theme from Rawhide popped into my head and I'm afraid it's stuck - what's worse, I only know the "Rollin' rollin' rollin'" part! If I were Isdihara I could come up with clever, tatting-related lyrics instead of repeating those three words endlessly...

    Don't worry about ME though, just keep rollin' rollin' rollin'... rollin' rollin' rollin'... rollin' rollin' rollin'... :)))))


  2. No, No, No, Anne! It's YIPEEE EYE-AYYYE, YIPEE-EYE- YOOOOOHH... Sorry, but me and Frankie Lane - well, we go baaaack!

    "Through rain and wind and weather,
    These shuttles click together,
    Wishin' my thread was
    all hand -dyed."

    Fox : )

  3. ** That's MARVELOUS, Fox! Congratulations!

    Here you go, sewmuchfun4. Off the top of my head...

    (theme from The Jeffersons)

    She's movin' on up!
    Up in Tat-Land.
    To a Dee-lucks apartment in the sky.

    She's moving on up!
    Up in Tat-Land.
    She's finally got it (after so many trys.)

    Not my best work, but it can be hard to produce under pressure...LOL!

  4. You are so clever. Now I have the rollin rollin rollin song going through my head. Happy tatting...

  5. Fox,

    You got me to have another go at roll tatting (with a laugh). I tried before with extremely messy results as well. It now looks much better but I can't roll for more than 15 "turns" and then it unravels because I can't hold the whole thing under my thumb! Mary Konior does 30 rolls in one of her patterns, how do you manage that??!
    It does look pretty, I'd like to get the hang of it!

  6. Congratulations! And you sure are brave to use your fancy HDT's for experiments.

  7. O'kay, I've been humming your ditty for a few minutes now and I think it's destined to become a standard!

    What CAN'T you do, Fox?

    :) Ann

  8. Hi, Ann,
    Sorry I spelled the name wrong back there, but I was so excited about getting the "roll," that the 'e' got away from me!

    I do hope you check the next post; I have uttered my thanks to you there... : )

    Hi Joëlle,
    So nice to see you here! If you check out the next post, you will see the roll as it developed and it does! With so much practice. You'll see! I do think the magic shuttle had something to do with it too! It is visible in the photo.
    Fox : )

    Isdihara, You inspire me always!

    God's Kid, Thanks! You are always so optimistic and supportive.

    Creatology - You and me both...hum hummm....

    Miranda, I am actually very bad about hording the good stuff and never using it, instead of enjoying it as I think we all should!

    I just happened to have a wee bit of it left on a shuttle and so I went to town!
    Fox : )

  9. And to you, tattips! Thanks for the visit.
    Fox : )

  10. ha ha ha !
    Fox, you always have good ideas : I must try roll tatting too !!!
    (with an ordinary thread)

  11. oh come on, what happened to:
    "Rollin, Rollin, Rollin on the River! Big Wheel keep on turning….." LOL I always like a song with a good beat…bj