Monday, September 13, 2010

Ring O' Roses, Dragonflies and Cat Curiosity

Here is the final rendition of Mary Konior's  Ring A Ring O'Roses. I am finished with this pattern. which I did not enjoy at all!  It was supposed to be simple and straight forward... don't ask!

Umintsuru gave me the opportunity to test-tat her new pattern for Dragonfly.  Thank you unintsuru! Isn't it neat?  You can get the pattern on her blog here.

It is fun to tat - quick, easy and satisfying.

Here are two others - it is kind of addictive...

#21 Motif Challenge
Umintsuru's thread cards, from The Thread Exchange are endlessly 
fascinating to The Cat, as you can see.  Absolutely riveting 
when attached to some leftover thread...



  1. Your doily is lovely and your cat is very playful!

  2. It never surprises me, that no matter how old is cat can be: you put something new in front of he/her they act just like a kitten!!!!

  3. I love your Ring A Ring O'Roses and the color is awesome! And those are some really great dragonflies! :)

  4. Ring O' Roses is gorgeous! What color thread did you use? I'm pretty sure I don't have it, but I'll check my stash before I buy any more thread... maybe!

    Love the dragonflies!

  5. congrats on finishing the ring o rosies. It looks good. It's not one I enjoy tatting either.

    and yes, the dragonflies are addictive!

  6. Well, I'm scared to post now. I ended up starting over, but still. It does look pretty. Really. I know you don't want to talk about it, but what didn't you like about the pattern? I found it was necessary to constantly switch shuttles in order to get the thread in the right place.

    Love the dragonfly. You did a great job tatting it. I'll have to give it a try sometime. Gorgeous cat by the way.

  7. Your Ring a Ring o' Roses is so pretty! Most definitely worth the effort.

    Maybe I will try it in an icy shade for winter...

    ...someday when I feel like being a glutton for punishment. If you and Gina both dislike the process, I will approach it with extreme prejudice.

  8. Oh my goodness...even your cat can tat?!! When will I ever learn to tat? Your Ring O'Roses is beautiful. I love your dragonfly in every color. Wonderful! Happy tatting...

  9. Well, Jeff, here's the story.

    I don't think it was the pattern alone. It seems that everything just went wrong. I had a ton of knots and ended up cutting out pieces and then having to hide a bunch of threads. Not pretty.

    The switching of shuttles never bothers me, but seeing bare threads does - and I saw a lot of those!

    As I sit here looking at my work, I am surprised that I am finding it really pleasing - maybe some of the problem was bad timing, a full moon or just one of those tats!

    Also, yours is so very well done that mine looks a bit, well, lumpen. Not a good way to look if you are a delicate rose motif!

    I am looking forward to seeing the newest version. Perhaps it will inspire me to try it again!

    ♥ Fox : )

  10. This doily is LOVELY! And I like very much dragonflies -so cuuuuute!

  11. Your cat is so sweet:)
    Good job with dragonflies-I like the colours.

  12. Hey Fox,

    Love the Dragonflies - I saw it on Umi's blog yesterday - really creative.

    What is the black/red colorway you used? It's stunning!

  13. I'm so taken by the color and markings of your cat that I . . . .(GASP) barely noticed the tatting first! Sorry, I've had cats on my mind.

    Saraindipity (our old lady Yorkie) is facing the end; thus, my thinking about cats.

    Went to the Cat Fanciers to look at breeds (I know there a lot of kitties that need homes, at the pounds ~ but I'm big on markings) and there are two breeds that are intriguing. The Occicat and another that has 'natural' spots (Like a Lynx or ocelot). My DH is Cat Dad and it would be easier to have a kitty than a puppy at this age. (ours)

    Oh, I think the dragonfly is interesting, in 2007 someone else did an interesting dragonfly; will have to look that up!

    I've not tried that MK pattern, probably because of the intricate parts. Switching shuttles isn't a problem for me either; but it just 'looks' difficult. And, I totally understand about having days when one should just NOT pick up shuttles. I've had a few of those! LOL

    xxx Bev

  14. Your Ring of Roses came out very nice. The dragonflies are pretty cute but your cat is super cute!

  15. Lily,
    The thread is an HTD of either Krystle's or Heather's. I have lost the tag. Pretty isn't it!

    Bev, I hear you ... look for my email!
    ♥ Fox : )

  16. Well, at least you finished it! I managed to wreck my already not very good version on the last bit!

    (I think the url says it all :)

    Well done for sticking with it - it looks great.

  17. Ahhh Ring o Roses doily - my nemesis!!!!
    But you have conquered it and now you have given me the guts to give it (yet) another go!!!!
    Thanks Fox!