Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ludicrous Lupins

In the old days, I would be said to suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder Syndrome, I am sure.  I get SO bored with repetition, and the Lupine pattern is a great example of how, when I get the hang if it, before perfecting something, I will start to play around, manipulating the very thing I am trying to master! Yes, I am determined and obsessive, but I fear I am also afflicted with "kitchomania"!  

Some have to deal with junk food addiction. Me, I  am addicted to tatting glitz.  Beads, buttons, baubles - all the things a crow can see a mile away. Bling. There I have said it: 

My name is Fox, and I am addicted to kitch.

See that little red charm?  I found it at work hiding with some buttons ages ago and absconded with it, thinking it would be useful for some tatted thing, sometime. Last night I was tatting away at the Lupins and my mind flashed on that trinket.

Perfect to tat into the not-yet-perfected  Lupin pattern, of course!  There you have it.

I am pleased that I sort of figured out how to tat the butterfly into the pattern, but shall cut it out and hopefully do this again  when the skill has gelled somewhat!

One last thing here:  Mary Konior's designs astound me.  As I was tatting this pattern I marvelled at how anyone would have thought this up.  Where on earth did she get the idea to twist and turn the thread to produce this wonderful effect?  Roll tatting aside, the shape is unique and pure Konior.  It is a splendid design.

Next: My daughter is not big on tatting,. but always encourages me in whatever adventure I am embarking upon, tatting being no different. So, in addition to other things I have mailed off to her, to celebrate a milestone birthday later this month, I included this.

I kept the beads to a demure minimum, but managed to use two different colours.  Ah, well... it's a beginning.

Keeping my fingers crossed that she does not check in to this post!
Sharon's pattern from her "Marvellous Motifs book.  #14 Motif Challenge

Following  the Lupine escapade,  I had one of those moments of delirium I am sure we tatters all experience at some point.  Out of nowhere, I suddenly realized I had forgotten how to tat a SSSR!  I knew with certainty that I would have to re-learn the technique. Of course it was now well into the wee hours, but no matter.

Out came the computer to check  AnneB's U-Tube video. (Brilliant!)
The shuttle was loaded.

Melt down averted, I was able to sleep....


  1. One of the things I love about tatting is the constant challenges that come up. I've really not found them that extensive in other needlearts. The techniques, threads, embellishments - each change makes a piece OAK. I have never ever tatted any two pieces exactly alike. Maybe a pair of booties - but no two pairs of booties have been the same. There are so many potential variables and they don't take a lot of time to try out.

  2. Pretty motif! Especially pink and rose combination... it is so delicate )

  3. More beautiful, inspirational tatting! I am also astounded by Mary Konior's designs. How does one develop imagination? I love the little butterfly, and your daughter's motif is precious. Too much tatting to do... too little time!

  4. Everything looks great and that roll tatting is facinating! :)

  5. Both roll-tatting and the SSSR elude me still. You are such an inspiration in these endeavors! I must learn how to do both - I love that lupine pattern.

    I agree - Mary Konior designs are wonderful. And your addiction to "kitch" adds your personal foxy flair :) Fun!

  6. I am sure you are probably aware that Mary was also involved in Graphic Design..and was a teacher. I think those with minds of that nature are very clever and creative and we appreciate one another…

    sez an ancient graphic designer from dinosaur period (you know, before computers? LOL)

    xx bj

  7. Ah, bj,
    And they used to call us Letroset Lizzie... Them were the days!

    I never knew she was a graphics person and a teacher. Makes sense!
    ♥ Fox : )

  8. Gina, Maybe they don't take YOU a lot of time! Those booties took ME forever!

    Lenhen, I am a sucker for pinks....
    : )

    Diane, That is the major drawback with tatting - the lack of time to da all that is so very appealing. There is always something on the desk, just waiting...

    God's Kid, Give it a try! Frustrating at first, but very rewarding when you get a handle on it!

    Gosh, Diane, Thanks! Nice words. And yes, Mary Konior's work keeps astonishing me; the more I learn, the more of her ability is revealed.

    Happy Bluebird, I loved this pattern when I saw it on sewmuchfun's site. Could not get it out of my mind and that is why I kept trying it over and over and over and over - it was as bad as the clunies! Mountains of ruined thread! None of this stuff comes easily!

    Worth it all, though. Give it a shot! I am so glad I did.

    Fox : )

  9. Your lupines are beautiful. You are so brave, Fox. Roll tatting is a challenge for me. Each time I try and think I've got it, I can't seem to repeat the next roll.

    I felt the same way when tatting Mary Konior's patterns.