Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Bunglesome Bugle Bead

#25 Motif Challenge

I am mad for this pattern of Kersti's. I find"Stumpy" to be elegant and so very versatile. Especially in the last of the Manuela thread.  I might have to do a whole bunch more!

The bugle beads are another mater entirely.  I am not fond of the look of them at the best of times, but they were included in that lovely container of beads I recently bought, which you can see here, so I thought I would give them a try.  I am still not a fan, but I am glad I used them.

I had planned to place the beads symetrically.  Ha!.  Enter the old dyslexia demonand and well, balance is elusive, but  I think the motif is just lovely anyway!

A Manhatten visit is imminent and I have crocheted and tatted a hat for Mini-Boss-Maeve, but her brothers have not been attended to with the hat hook and shuttle.

While admiring the umintsuru dragonflies last evening, I had a brainwave:

Liam's is blue and red, and Graham - who is a Shrek fanatic - shall have the green.  The dragonflies, already tatted as pattern-testers, are ready to be sewn onto the front of the hats. Good call?



  1. Good call on the hats. Boys love bugs. Usually.

    Oddly enough, I have never liked the stumpy bookmark. Ever. I rather like your version with the beads and that thread, but I don't see myself tatting it. I really don't know why I never liked it. It's nice and symmetrical and easy to tat. It just looked so BIG for a bookmark. Must be something in my DNA that skews it for me.

  2. Thanks, Gina. I thought bugs were a safe tatting choice for little boys who are still small enough to accept them as insects and not lace!

    I do not see Stumpy as a bookmark either - just a shape. I never liked it until I saw Diane's and then I was hooked - but only if it is simply a motif.

  3. Love the idea of the dragon flies on the hats. And I think your Stumpy is lovely with the beads.

  4. P.S Wonder what the Stumpy would look like if you did it as a Tablecloth or runner.

  5. I don't particularly care for bugle beads "in line", but they can be stunning as dangles. Have you tried them that way? One way to do this in tatting would be to thread on bugle bead, sead bead, bugle bead, and put all three of them on one picot, so that you would have 2 bugle beads dangling side by side, with a seed bead at the bottom. If that makes sense.

  6. Miranda, That makes perfect sense! Thanks, I will try that as I think it could be really effective as a dangle.

  7. With all the Stumpy bookmarks and motifs I've made, I never considered using beads. I may have to give it a try!

  8. I like your version of stumpy with the bugle beads..and the hats are very impressive with the dragonflies..

  9. Super cute hats and the dragonfly embellishment is perfect. I too am not a fan of bugle beads however they look quite nice in your tatting. Happy tatting...

  10. Hey Fox!
    The bugle beads look neat on your Stumpy motif. I was admiring how symmetrical the thread looks and COMPLETELY overlooked that the beads weren't symmetrical!

    Good call on the hats - they will be SUPER! Boys sure do love bugs. My son sometimes took his love of bugs too far. When he was about 9 he came in with a wasp in an Ozarka bottle - didn't get stung - I have NO IDEA how he did that. Thank goodness he isn't AS bug crazy now!

    :) Ann