Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Post No More

#5 Motif Challenge

All that talk about posting the shuttle before you close the ring.... Pshaw!  Suddenly, I realize that the ring is MUCH neater and more symmetrical if I do not do this! 

Example:  Jon's pattern 'Sweet Rose,'  from her Snowflake book.  This is the second one I tatted.  The thread is Tatskool's Vanilla Sky, which I have been saving for a long while.  It is wonderful.  There is no doubt about it; Coats threads are lovely and firm compared to Omega!

This is actually more purple than blue in real life.  I think this will be nice when completer and it is not floppy.  This motif feels SOLID! 

I kept those beads for the right thread and just knew they would be perfect with Vanilla Sky.   They are all uneven and lopsided, but the colour is spot on.

#6 Motif Challenge

The first one, of course, was all wrong, but the rings are done as I always do them and they are not flat.

I have been assiduously doing this from the start.  For some reason, I tried it again without this manoeuver and saw how much better the ring lies.  Very flat.  I am stunned.  Now, it takes all my concentration NOT to put the shuttle through before closing as the information is firmly entrenched in my memory. I will un-tat it.

The thread here was a variegated Omega in size #30, I think.  Pretty, but so very soft.

At work I spotted this thread that is remarkably like the Perlovka and I tried it.  Just as nice!  Soft and a bit fuzzy, but I like it for a change of pace.  And the colours are pretty.  About a size #30.

 Off to finish the snowflake...

I forgot to add that this all came about because I read  Jon's comment (it might have been someone else's!) in the Forum at InTatters that stated it seemed odd to post the shuttle in case of a mistake... then it would be easier to correct.  That is indeed a rather negative reason for adopting this method, if you think about it!  Everyone's different, but for me - no more posting!



  1. I'm not a fan of tossing the shuttle through the middle. One way does lend itself to rounder rings while the other is more oval but unless it is a design issue, I don't think it matters. It is claimed that it is easier to open rings but I have no problem opening rings. It's a rare occasion when I do and a needle or straight pin usually takes care of it. It just seems like an extra step for very little benefit, but everyone needs to try it for themself and decide what feels best to do.

    All very pretty thread colors!

  2. Lovely snowflakes you have tatted. Happy tatting...

  3. I tried posting the shuttle once... never again! I thought my rings looked bad, and there was no advantage for me.

    You certainly are working with some beautiful threads, and I love the shuttle! I have one of those as well, but I haven't tried it yet. I guess I should!

  4. Ooh what lovely tatting! Your shuttle is absolutely exquisite! I have one from LaCossette and I love it dearly!

  5. Love the sweet thread colours especially the Purple, Pink and Green they are just a nice soft colour

  6. Fox,
    Yes I replied to one of the commentors to my post who wrote that rings can be opened easier when the shuttle is passed through the loop before closing the ring. I responded by asking if you would you then, not pay much attention to the rings since you know that you can easily open it up when there is a mistake.

    But, you said it much better, fox.

    Personally, I don't usually post the shuttle through but I will do it if I am doing the same side tatting.

  7. I don't post the shuttle either, Fox. All it ever got me was a twisted-looking ring. It didn't do a thing for ability to open a ring -- in fact it made it harder for me. I usually don't have any trouble with that anyway -- even on rings made with polyester machine embroidery thread. I wondered if I was doing the posting wrong, but how many ways are there to put the shuttle through the ring before closing? Glad you found out what works for you!

  8. Your title of this blog entre scaried me. I thought you were going to stop posting on the computer. `Nooooooooo`I said. Then I read you blog and was very happy to see that I had it all wrong!! Not the first time I was wrong and won`t be the last!!! :)

  9. Hey Fox!
    OH, is that Vanilla Sky motif ever pretty! Your tatting looks very even and nice. I always enjoy seeing Jon's patterns. That pastel thread you are using for the snowflakes is lovely. It looks like it has a nice texture.

    I don't post my shuttle either. I remember when Krystal did a rather in depth experiment to decide what the real benefits of posting were. I tried it then but didn't care for it. It makes me feel clumsy because I always end up literally dropping the shuttle through the ring giving the ring a good jerk. Then I have to recapture the shuttle and by that time have totally lost my momentum. I won't post, don't ask me... but I probably would dance.

    :) Ann

  10. Like Tatfully Yours, I nearly had a heart attack when I read the title of your post! Don't scare us like that! LOL

    It takes a while to unlearn and relearn a new method, but you'll soon do it without thinking.

  11. Tatfully Yours and Eliz(tatknot),

    You made my day and brought forth a huge smile! It was a bad time at work and ...just one of those days ... This is exactly what I needed to read! THANKS!
    ♥♥ Fox : )