Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cupid's In Town

 The Cat alerted me to a disturbing event this morning. 

Disturbing only to The Cat, that is. Maebh had been up very early and had been bored, so she turned on the computer to check out some sites on the diseases of bats - her current interest being chiropterology.

 For some reason she had opened my blog by mistake, and that is when The Cat saw that she was fixated on a photo of ...  who's that, but Feargal, Miss Scarlet and Danny!

The cat tried to get her attention as she was rivelted in front of the screen for a LONG time. She paid him no heed.  He just shook his head and came to get me.

I could not grab her attention either, and I noticed 
she had an odd, dreamy look on her face.

The cat gave up and went back to sleep and missed Maebh's happy mood when she finally relinquished the computer.  I had to check the weather I informed her so she handed over the controls. Finally.

She was in such a good mood, she even checked my cluny tatting and told me I was doing "brilliantly!"  Nice words from Maebh.



  1. You're posting too fast for me to keep up - literally!! The 8/10 post was at the top a short while ago, then I scrolled down to read your other recent ones - then I went back to the top and the kitty cat (8/11) appeared, and I never left your blog!

    Where to begin?
    1. Adorable kitty, cute story.
    2. Amazing effect in clunies with Watermelon thread from Krystle!
    3. Nice pkg. from Crazy Mom!
    4. Gina's tutorial great!
    5. Is it Inga's or Iris's book?
    6. Ode to Shuttle - beautifully written!
    7. Wish I had ALL of Mary Konior's books. Love those crosses!
    8. Amazing to see blog printed up. Do you have any control over 'editing' or placement?
    9. Amazing that you've been tatting for only 2 years! Your blog is also exceptional - informative and entertaining!

  2. Has Maebh been humming Secret Love?

    She may be starry eyed with love, but Maebh is spot on with her cluny assessment!

    :) Ann

  3. Love the watermelon color cluny leaves - you're doing great. They look perfect!

    Such a cute musing about Maebh and kitty, it really made me chuckle!

  4. Kathy, Thanks! Nice words, those. The pattern is by Inga, but is in a book from Iris 's teaching group - Tatting Squares Together.

    Not sure exactly how much control one has over the publication - I chose the cheapest way, but I do remember it is possible to edit the pages to your liking.
    ♥Fox : )

  5. Oh, I loved your latest post! It seems Leprechaun love is on the rise.

    *sigh* My poor Ciarràn still has heard no word from Blathnaid after sending her a bouquet of shamrocks and a courting request. He has all but hopped on a plane to get some sort of answer!

  6. Isdihara, it is a very fickle arrow, that. : )

    C.M., Isn't he a honey!♥ My very best friend!
    Fox : )

  7. Love your cat what breed is he! Mine looks like him and she is a Balinese!
    Love your cluny tatting and the colour are nice!

  8. Pretty cat! )) It enjoys a balmy sleep )

  9. Awhhhh, just look at the cutie. What a beautiful cat.

  10. Maebh is so astute with her praise. Maebh looks to be swooning over danny, who she has never met....oh boy she should be at Palmetto....or maybe not!!