Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crazy Mom Lives Up To Her Moniker

Look at the loot! Add to that the fact that she is a BEAD ENABLER!  Just look at what I got in the mail today... and I thought we were just exchanging threads!  Thank you,  C.M.,  for such a lovely surprise.

The beads are gorgeous shades, one of metallic green and one of cranberry. The Floss Threaders will sure be a great help with them as they are tiny. I am munching one of those sugarless candies as I type and I do like  the reusable tin of mints and that fabbo extra metallic thread.  This was most generous and I feel very lucky!

(Those tiny perfect beads ...mmm.....    Suneeti's coloured metallics and these gold and silver ones......I really have no excuse not to tat Anne's Dragon ...)

Gina has a great post about the twisted join... I had to actually tthe circle inside rings and outside rings to get it straight in my mind and I see what a terrific explanation she has written.  Go see for yourself.  Thanks, Gina!

 Anyone tried this pattern from Iris's book?  I cannot figure it out at all -  in the fourth round, where you double back. I went crazy with it till one in the morning last night, and then gave up in total despair!


Small motifs to finish up the  Omega thread from T.T.E.  Ran out in the last one.  I rather like the feel of this thread though I know a lot of you do not. 
One last thing to tell you about... admit....   Oh, heck, confess:  I can't stop!

#25 Motif Challenge

This is some gorgeous HDT ( watermelon) that Krystle sent to me ( for the good Doctor) a while back. Isn't it perfect? I love  it!



  1. Are you sure that is heather's? It looks like the firts batch of watermelon that I had attempted. Could be wrong though.

  2. You lucky girl I cant wait to see what you will make with all of that! Dont keep us waiting!!!!

  3. I am SO JEALOUS of the amount of tatting you get done in ONE NIGHT! I must manage my time better AND my kids. I drift too easily into lala land and then the night gets away from me. MUST STAY FOCUSED!

    Your clunies are looking as handsome as that other Clooney - What's his name? Oh yeah, George (sigh). The ones in the flower are especially fine!

    Your Omega thread and nice swap gifts from Crazy Mom may spur me into action on the Thread Exchange. I'm afraid I have pretty meager offerings though. I DO have some Flora...

    I'm off to lay claim to a little tatting time!
    :) Ann

  4. Wow! I can't wait to learn and succeed at clunies. Your works inspire me! :)

  5. Adorei, ficou lindo. fiquei sua seguidora, faça um visita, obrigada bjsss

  6. I REALLY like the way, on the Cluny, the color worked out…that is fascinating…xx bj

  7. OMG! Krystle, I am so sorry! I am TERRIBLE at keeping my threads properly labeled, and I had the thought that it might, just might, be yours. It never had a label and I just plain forgot whose it was!

    All fixed!
    ♥ Fox : )

  8. Beautiful thread, and marvellous clunies for you now ! Just a very big bravo and many kisses from the "Côte d'Azur".

  9. Fox,
    You are so lucky to get such wonderful gifts. I'm very happy for you. Congrats!