Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Boss WIll Be Beautiful

#8 Motif Challenge

It is certainty difficult to photograph the hat to look as cute as it actually does! I hope The Boss is pleased. This is definitely not one of my favourite things to create anymore - too much crochet, not enough tatting!

Once again, the tip from Jane, about the self-threading needles, makes my stitching look as if a grown-up did the sewing up!

I used 2 strands of the merino wool in that teeny tiny, needle, and it was so simple to attach the border.  I had tried it at first in the light brown thread; it just didn't look right, so on to the wool.  Those  needles are a fantastic.  Thanks, Jane!

However, there must be another - for Mini-Boss Maeve, and I need your input. I am getting tired of all the pink and white business and I like the look of this - with some edging at the bottom in lime or turquoise, I think, and white beads to tie in the rest of the hat....What do you think?

A friend of mine is in a leg cast and using crutches. I thought she could benefit from one of Vicki Clarke's Band-Aid Hearts:
#9 Motif Challenge

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  1. I think it would be cute to use the same edging pattern for the Mini-Boss's hat as you did for the "Big" Boss's. I would go with turquoise-- mainly because I like it better, but also I think it shows up better on the white.

  2. Thanks, Miranda, I am leaning to the turquoise, and I had thought of a border:
    Ruth Perry’s Purple Edging

    The girls live in different countries, so the sameness of borders won't mean much, but I do like the look of The Bosses - simple.... I'll ponder...
    Fox : )

  3. The turq and lime green motif will look stunning, with either colour for the edging....but i do love turquoise the best!
    Simple border yes.

  4. #1: I love both hats, though I must say that I think I favor the second a little bit... I love the colors of the flower! :-) I can't wait to see it finished!

    #2: Just a thought as far as photographing the hat... What about putting it on a baby doll for it's little photo shoot?

    #3: You're friend is very lucky to have such a caring friend! :-) (you should put it on a string or something so she can tie it around the cast and show it off without risking it getting wrecked when the cast is removed...).

    LOVE the whole post! :-D

    -Stephanie Grace

  5. Thanks for your enthusiasm, SG! Loved the comments
    Fox : )

  6. For my part I prefer the colours of the first hat, but the lime and turquoise medallion looks gorgeous on the white hat, it's just perfect for a Mini-Boss :)
    I would tat the edging in lime AND turquoise :)

  7. Hey Fox!
    The Boss's hat is FABULOUS! Pink and brown is a favorite color pairing for me. In fact I like ANYTHING with brown. I like brown.

    The colors you picked for Mini-Boss's hat are lovely - so crisp and fresh! I like the suggestion of using BOTH colors for the edging. I think it would create a nice balance to the flower.

    I can understand that you aren't as keen on crochet as you once were. I cycle in and out of a few hobbies and keep consistent with one or two (tatting and sewing). The thing is, you make such BEAUTIFUL crocheted items and they are a wonderful showcase for your tatting! Because of your crocheting, your tatting is walking, crawling and running about TWO countries!

    :) Ann

  8. Ann, Your comments make it all worthwhile! Thanks so much for that!
    ♥♥ Fox : )