Friday, September 4, 2009

Tat-icide In Tat-land!

Here is what happened: the ends were too tight.
Jon wrote:

I had to do a bit of 'surgery' on it first though. The tips at both ends are closed quite tightly. I had to sand it down a bit. Did you have to do that too?

I did not do that. I tried to widen the ends by bending the plastic. I think I may have......


Luckily, I had ordered two shuttles and using the remaining Inox, I copied Diane's idea: coasters as gifts. I am waiting for the plastic parts to arrive and there are four in a set. So, here is the first of the first set. Great gift idea for tatting. Thanks Diane!

This next project took my mind off my recent heartbreaking loss.

The Boss got a new coat for fall. It is brown with a pink and orange plaid pattern. "Sita," she said, "I want a hat with flowers." She got the hat. I even added a scarf.



  1. My goodness! I had NO idea I was looking at a CRIME SCENE yesterday! I guess the police hadn't arrived yet to put up tape and draw the chalk lines... :)

    REALLY pretty motif for your coaster set! That IS a nice gift idea.

    But I must say the Boss is the star of this post! Her ensemble is ADORABLE!!! I LOVE the little hats you make for her and her little minion brother. Her pretty curls and little nose looks so sweet peaking out from under the brim...

    :) Ann

  2. LOL!! ...little minion brother! That REALLY had me in a belly laugh! Thanks, Ann!
    : )) Fox

  3. I told ... no I won't go there, LOL.

    I had to go back to your earlier post to see the crime scene. Oh boy, imagine the trauma that you had to go through.

    Why is it that I don't get to see the Boss' face in full? Is there a code that doesn't allow people to look at her? The hat is cute though.

  4. Jon, LOL!!! I know, I know.....

    The Boss? The answer is my paranoia! Too many lurkers on line where kids are concerned. Their parents are happier as well if I only show partial faces of my grandbabies.

    I have been doing this on flickr for over three years. We live in a very strange world.....

    Lucky there is also Tat-land! : )) Fox

  5. Here's a thought for next time: see if you can get a friendly optometrist to put your shuttle in that hot sand stuff they use to adjust plastic glasses frames.

  6. B, Your idea of taking the shuttle to the optometrist to heat in the little hot sandbox that they use for plastic is a good one. But, I don't think i am up to explaining the situation and then asking fot a free plastic moulding job! Great thought though! Thanks!
    : )) Fox