Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Lot Done - On to Yellow and Green!



  1. That's a VERY pretty coaster set! Looks like they went together no problem! Don't those colors also match your accent pillows? I'm just saying... you probably have beverages around YOUR place sometimes... did your Dr. Strangelove purchasing hand perchance order an extra set of coasters?
    :) Ann

  2. I love your coasters! Are the acrylic pieces the ones from Herschnerr's? Great gift idea.

  3. Those are beautiful! That is a neat gift idea.

  4. Wonderful Fox,
    you are an inspiration, I might have to drag out my set after christmas and see what I can come up with.

  5. Congratulations on finishing your first set! The colors look wonderful together!

  6. Its so satisfying when something that she have worked so hard on comes together, they look great.

  7. Ann, Shhhh, not so loud! I have had the HAND in restraints these past few days as I am preparing to attend the Fringe Tatters Guild Tat Day event this weekend. You can't be too careful..... the Hand sees all... spends all... shhhhh... Fox ;0

    Ana, Thank you! Fox : )

    Isdihara, Thank you! Glad you like them!
    Fox : )

    A Happy Bluebird, Yes! That is exactly where I got them! Fox : )

    JB, I think it is a great idea as well! That is why I copied Diane's (Lace-Lovin' Librarian)
    wonderful plan! I even ordered the book that she used in order to do the coasters. : ) Fox

    Krystle, Thanks! They are fun to tat! Fox : )

    Ladytats, You will not be sorry! It is a very satisfying project. Thanks for the visit!
    : ) Fox

    Diane, What can I say? I owe it all to you! Thanks for the great idea. I have had such a lot of fun with this one. Plus, I love Sylvia York's book! : ) Fox

    Hi Sally, Thank you! Yes, this project is most satisfying! Thanks for visiting! Fox : )