Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Dr. Strangelove Tatting Hand Rules Again


I attended my first tatting weekend: the  Fringe Tatting Guild Tat Days 2009, in Cambridge, Ontario. Wow.  What a different experience.  I am still a bit overwhelmed by meeting so many tatters and seeing such a plethora of tatting goodies!

Here is what I went home with, after promising myself I would buy only a couple of balls of thread. Right. To my raven's eyes, the beads were what ultimately did me in, unlocking the chains around my wallet... I am certain if you are reading this you know precisely what mean.

There were four sessions for the weekend and all I have to show you after many tatting hours is this!

I learned new skills:  roll tatting ( the tiny rings) and encircling a flat bead.  A pretty motif, if very small! This was done in one of Kaye Judt's sessions. Her book, Oh My Stars, is such a valuable a learning tool, so it was great to meet her in person.

After reading and enjoying so many posts at Threads of a Tatting Goddess, it was wonderful to spend some time with Gina! I look forward to meeting her again at some future tatting event.  : )

An angel, begun in Karey Solomon's class, has unfortunately gone to tatting heaven.  It and I did not fare well together and I wondered, as my tatting floundered and the angel perished, if I should have instead considered a car mechanics course for this weekend...

You can see samples of Karey's lovely HDT thread in the Loot picture. I had to make up for the black clouds hovering above my frustrated head during her session, (poor Karey!) so I figured I'd get some of her luscious-coloured thread to bring home with me. It was the least I could do!

Not flailing around - COASTERS!
  Almost done! I am so pleased with this colourway.



  1. OH Fox! It looks like you had so much fun!
    The beads always sucker me in too.. ;)
    LOVE the new thread!

  2. Oh that must have been exciting meeting real live tatters - in the flesh and not on a blog. I've only met them one at a time.
    Now that is an interesting way of encircling a flat bead. As for your angel going to tatting heaven I thought for a minute it had flown over to my blog!!!

  3. Woah! Tatting two point oh! Love the enclosed bead.

  4. My question is... have you learned to stop worrying and LOVE the loot?

    Your Strangelove hand has VERY good taste - what a lot of pretty things. The book looks good judging by its cover... and I have those scissors in my tatting bag!

    I like what you made in class - that looks hard. So there is nothing but tatting holding the bead? VERY impressed!

    I'm glad you had a good time even if it did make your head spin - and how neat to meet Gina!

    Your coasters are SO pretty! I wonder what you have waiting in the wings...

    :) Ann

  5. You are hereby granted permission to purchase as much tatting loot as you want. It's good for your mental health and the economy.

    That little thing with the flat bead looks like half a pair of earrings to me.

  6. Love the loot! You must have had a ball.
    I think there's a pun in there somewhere.

    The tiny, roll tatted rings look nice. Adds polish to your tip points. The tatting around the bead is FAB! You did a great job.

    Don't be surprised if that wayward angel wings its way back in a new form.

    Your coasters are so pretty. My mind boggles at how quickly you are churning them out.

    Congrats on another spellbinding post!

  7. Wow, that event must have been fun! I was lucky enough to meet Gina once, and she certainly is a super nice lady.
    I really like the fancy little beaded piece, and your coasters are so sweet. Looking forward to seeing what you make with that wonderful loot!

  8. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the wallet chains :) I wish I was a little closer so I could attend such a gathering of tatters!

    Love your coasters - great colors!

  9. Thanks, Everyone!
    Yes, it was a great experience and I had fun. Now, I am scrambling to get to work and get caught up on emails, errands - you know the routine!

    Taking a day and a half out of a weekend and leaving the city is very refreshing, but it astounds me how much there is to do when one returns!

    I really appreciate all your visits and wonderful comments. These things make blogging so rewarding and such a joy to keep going. Thank you very much!

    Fox : )